Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Growing up!!!

He is such a ham and cheeser! He was being such a goof this time. I think this was my favorite bunch, because you can see his goofy personality. Ha ha.

I can't believe my baby boy is 11 months, and in exactly 24 days he will officially have an age in years! Well, year. I'm so excited for him to turn ONE, I don't really know why, either. I don't really want any of my babies to grow up, I want them to stay little forever. I especially don't want a naughty little toddler, or teenagers for that matter. Kael already has a little bit of a 'tude with me. For example, if you take away something that he does not want taken away, he will kick his legs and arch his back and cry. The other day I was at the bank and I sat him up on the counter and when I was trying to sign the receipt he reached for the pen. I moved his hand and told him 'no.' He didn't cry but he did the kick the legs and whine thing. And I had to keep from laughing. He can be such the little turd sometimes. Like when I'm trying to be firm when I say NO he will laugh and think it funny. Stinker. So I have to put on a fake mean face, but I think he can see right thru it. ha ha. He still has the same six teeth that came thru all at the same time, no new ones yet. He is a crawling and cruising machine, but he is not interested in walking at all. He is a little bit of a chicken. He is a major busy body. He gets into EVERYTHING. And if I have something stacked nice out of the way, and he can reach it. He will make sure the pile if spread across the room. He loves, loves, loves anything with wheels. He makes motor noises with anything and slides it across the floor. He likes any kind of toy ball, and he loves playing with books. One of my not so favorite 'discoveries' he has made recently it the 'TOILET' and he love to splash in the water. Luckily nothing has been in the toilet when this happens and luckily its only happened a couple of times. But on many occasions he has tried to make a bolt for it and failed to accomplish such task.

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