Friday, February 26, 2010

A few sour moments

So being sick rocks, right?! UGH! I been feeling pretty crumby lately but it's all good. I don't have any picture updates but a few updates to share. Kael still walks like a drunk man, but manages to climb on everything like a monkey. He's amazing, seriously, sometimes I don't know how he ends up places. humph. I tried to upload a video of him playing but it no workie so all you get are the details of life. ha ha. Kael is a talk-talk-talkie-talker. This kid almost always has something to say. If I could only speak baby. I can understand a few things he says like, bir (bird, chicken), doe (dog), da da, pa pa, na nah (aka nana, nans and banana), nie nie (night, night/go sleepy), tank tu (thank you), uh-oh, mie (mine), NO, yeah, me maw (mean mom), ma ma ma ma and bye-bye. He loves to blow kisses to everybody and only give kisses to a few. He throws fits and is grouchy if he can't play outside, and is obsessed with birds. Any kind, chickens, pigeons, whatever resembles a bird he wants to chase it. He picked this up from my mom's dumb dog, Rocky. He knows how to bark and meow, and bak like a chicken. He still loves cars and going for rides on bikes. Chase fixed up his scooter recently and he has been lovin' the fun lil' short rides around the block. He is still ridiculously attached to his binkie. I haven't even tried to take it away because I dread that moment. I hate when kids still have freakin' binkies in their mouth but I just can't be mean yet and take it away. Maybe he'll make it easy for me and just decide he doesn't want it any more. Ha ha, yeah right I know. Soon enough I'll be a really "me maw" and take it away. Chase is still workin' hard at school and his job. I'm still a stay at home moma and I do Pampered Chef on the side. We found out recently that we might not get our house but we are still praying it goes thru, SOON! But in the mean time we are starting to look again. gag. It's just no fun anymore. Well that's the latest with us.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Boys

So the latest Rogers happenings.

Chase has started school again. He quit going right before we got married to start up his business and now that it's going pretty steady he felt it was time to go back and finish. He changed his major, so that's been a real bummer for him but most of his classes he took he can still use. I had to do a first day of school picture because this is where he has taken all his school pictures. Same place every year when he was younger. So since we are still at his parents house I thought it would be fun. Ha ha. We are still waiting to get our house. Short sales are such a bummer. We are suppose to hear back this week, but still don't really know what. Things have moved along but we don't really know what that means either. We just hope that things go thru FAST!!! Ha ha ha.

Kael is now officially a walking boy! We were helping my grandparents pack the other day and I brought my camera. So I took a couple snaps of him running around. This kid loves to be outside. Cold, rain, sun, heat. He doesn't care he just runs for the door anytime he hears it open. The little turkey has figured out that he doesn't have to stay in the grass in the front yard. So needless to say if you turn your back for a second he's running down the side walk, usually to chase and bark at the birds. A little trait he's picked up from my mom's irritation dog. Ba ha ha. And what's even funnier is that his bark (and meow) doesn't really sound anything like a dog (or cat). His bark sounds more like a monkey or owl. hoo hoo hoo. His cat noise, I can't even describe it. I'm giggling just thinking about it. He, like, sucks in his air and make this weird.... screeching sound I guess you could call it. I have no idea how he got that from Meow, meow. Kids. Oh yeah, this kid can talk your ear off. Man, when we go run errands he just jibber jabs the whole ride. And every thing can be turned into a phone. He's got the fake laugh down pretty good. He says quite a few words but only on his own time. If you try and get him to say it he usually ignores you. He only says mama, if hes whining and usually it's "me maw, me maw" which mean 'mean mom.' That would be my own fault. When he's whining and saying my name I would say to him, "I know, I'm just a mean mom." So needless to say, now I'm "Me Maw!" Ha ha, oh well. Any ways, if I can get any of his funny little noises on tape I'll be sure to show you, it will definitely make you smile.

The little run away
Ha, ha. His hat is so dorky but I love it. It was only 3 bucks at the Gap and it's such a Kael attitude hat right now. So it works.