Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kael is EIGHT MONTHS!!!! Holy crow, I can't believe it. He is actually eight and one half because I took to long to post. Anyways, He has some how managed to have three teeth pop out in one week!! I know, poor baby. We are even done with week two yet and I just found another one peeking thru. His two bottom teeth came at the same time and now he has two top teeth peeking, but the ones on the top are the ones next to the 'two front teeth' so it looks really goofy cause he has a big space between the two. He is officially crawling and cruising. Won't be long till he's walking. He prefers standing to crawling. He figured out how to pull himself up on things before he could even crawl. Now he is trying to stand up with out help from anything. Lil' turkey, it scares me to death. He is weighing in at a whoppin' 20 lbs at least. I just weighed him at home so it's not exact but still, what a fatty. ha ha. He has also officially started eating 'big boy' food. He loves, loves, loves to eat. Good thing hes not a picky eater. Anyways thats Kael's update. Mom and Dad are doing okay. Dad is workin' hard as ever with his business and things are going great for him. I'm having some crazy health issues but I'm doing okay other than that. Life is Good.
Random. I know. I just thought it was funny that my parents had cones in their back yard and he matched them.

He's so little.

After we were done with the car I rinsed out the bucket and made it a pool. ha ha. Kael loves the water, cold or warm he'll take it. So we splashed around and tried to keep cool.

Kael loved playing with the hose. he thought it was pretty cool.

Kael surprises me all the time. I'm always thinking of him as just a tiny lil baby. I know he still is my baby but he's growing up soooooo fast. This picture makes me cry just thinking about how fast he's growing. I was trying to take our picture together. It was really hard because my camera is kind of heavy and so is Kael. I laughed at my attempt and then showed him the picture. We both giggled together, him just because I was. Then I gave him a kiss and tried to do it again. As I was saying smile, not really knowing if he was even looking at the camera, he leaned over and was giving me a "Kael Kiss." I hurried and snapped the picture hoping I got it. I did. He is such a sweet boy. I just love him to pieces.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Families are Forever

This past weekend we went up to Pinetop/Showlow for Chase's dad's Rogers' Reunion. I have never been because there was always something that was going on and we couldn't make it. Last year was Lake Powell, the year before was school for me. So this year we didn't know if we were going to have the money to do two trips up there (for the fourth and the reunion) but we decided family is more important. I am so glad we went. The weather was great and Kael loves going on vacation. He is so curious and hates being at home. I do too. It's boring. :)
Nans and Kael playing with the water.

Gorgeous raining weather. It only sprinkled a few times and it thundered like crazy. Didn't even bother Kael. The temp up there was in the sixties during the day it was AWESOME!!
Such a little stud. He's definitely be a lil heart breaker, watch out ladies.
Ha ha, look at that bed head. His hair is always stickin' up all crazy unless I put gel in it.
Four generations of Rogers' Men
Kael's first time on a playground and he was lovin' it. He thought the tube was awesome and loved scootin' around in it.

nap time
basketball rogers' style

Sand box buddies
Nans and Kael
The whole gang
Mommy and Kael

Kael loves to be tossed in the air. Daddy does it better cause he can toss him higher

Silly boy loves, loves, loves to chew on any kind of string or cords. shoelaces, head phones, bib ties, anything.
All tuckered out.
We had so much fun being up in the GREAT weather and hanging out with family. Chase was so excited to get to see family that he never gets to see. And I got to meet the family I've never met before. It was so fun and can't wait til next year!!