Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

So let's start with what happened before we got to carve pumpkins this year. I went to the store to go pick up a mattress for Kael's crib before I went to my doctor's appt. No big deal, Right? Anyways so I didn't have time to make it home and Chase wasn't home to unload the thing anyways so I just headed to the doc. I get there expecting just a routine check up, but what I got was a little more than I bargained for. So this is how the appt went. Check in, they call me back, ask me if baby's been moving, I say yes never stops, they check my weight, I about crap my pants everytime, sit down and they check my blood pressure, I ask so what's the damage today. The nurse says something like 146/93 or something like that. I grumble because I have a feeling I know what's coming next. So she says lay on my side while I wait for the doc to try and get it to drop. I follow instructions. Doc comes in and does the whole 'how are you feeling' thing. He proceeds to tell me that he is very concerned with my BP and they are going to check it again after we do our thing. Good news, I'm still measuring great and babies heart beat sounds awesome and he's still head down. Bad news, I'm not dilated or thinning and my BP was still 136/91. So because its the highest its been he sends me over to triage to monitor my BP and do some blood work tests. OH GOODY! (and Chase wasn't with me this time) Doc continues to tell more 'great' news. He says if your BP doesn't drop then I will have to be admitted and talk about getting the baby delivered. (WHAT?!) Here I thought I was just going to find out if I was dilated or not and now we are talking delivery! Holy crap is what I'm thinking. :) So I waddle over to the hospital and they hook me up to the monitor. I think the nurse had a magical touch because my BP was only reading 128/69 so it had dropped in a matter of seriously minutes. So I got to chill all by my lonesome for about an hour and a half and then they send me home cause my BP was staying on the lower side and they blood test came back clear. Don't worry I did call Chase before I went to triage and let him know what was going on. I told him to stay home until the test came back. Poor guy. So much baby mama drama. :) So I went home and we carved pumpkins that night with some friends. You can tell in the pics that I'm really getting puffy so you can see why my doctor is worried. But so far everything is okay and I'm being carefully not to be on my feet to long cause that seems to do a number on my BP. Anyways carving pumpkins was really fun and they all turned out really cute. PS we all made our own patterns, yes I know we are amazing. :)

Chase made the Kool-aid man and made the back shine 'oh yeah' on the wall when its lit. Freakin Awesome!!

 I did Fankenstein Head

the back of chase's pumpkin
and the front

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Doing Better?

I have been doing much better since my last visit to the hospital. I went to the doc's on Wed and he gave me some good news and some bad news. Bad news is that because I have been on antibiotics they can't get do the culture and find out what the bug is. So we are just hoping that the meds I'm on now will get rid of it. The good news is that Kael is healthy, my blood pressure went down a little bit, and doc said that I've hit the point that if I go into labor for sure this time then they won't stop it. I also got to do an ultrasound to check on the baby's progress. He is measuring right on his due date, estimated weight is 4 lbs 14 oz, and he is still a boy. (dang I was hoping 'it' fell off) just kidding. I'm actually really really excited about having a boy. We also got to see his face a little bit. I don't know if its just cause he is squished but he looks like
 he's got really really chubby cheeks. And he looks like he's got real long toes too. So cute. He
 also was in the right position for labor too. I been kinda worried about him cause the kid always seems to be having a party in moms tummy. The cord also wasn't wrapped around his neck which is also a plus for now. Seeing him has made me so much more anxious about him coming now. I just can't wait until I get to hold him in my arms and look at all his little features for the very first time. Sigh. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is NOT NORMAL!!!

So Guess What?! We went back to the hospital. Yup, that's right.... AGAIN. Story time... I finished my second prescription like seriously three days ago. I have not been having any contractions or pain or nausea or anything. I been feeling pretty good so I thought, yay no more problems. HA! I was hanging out with Chase on Friday cause he didn't have any work work, just little stuff. Anyways when we got home about 4:30pm my back started hurting pretty bad. It started to feel like it did the very very first time we had to go to the hospital. So I thought, oh great another infection, or it didn't get rid of the first one. So I took some tylenol hoping that it was just a backache and took a nap. I woke up feeling worse. So I'm crying cause I'm an emotional wreck, and I've pretty much had it up to here with the whole repeated trips to the hospital. I calm down and call the doctor and tell him that I think I've got another infection and I'm started to have the pain again. He says go in and get a urine sample done to make sure and we'll give you another prescription. Surprise, Surprise. Poor Chase is stuck with a hormonal prego women on the way BACK to the hospital for the fourth time. He truly is such a sweetheart and has been my anchor thru this whole thing. We get there, but this time they put me in a suite instead of the triage cause the nurses were all by the suites. So that was a plus cause I got to chill and watch TV while we waited. :) Anyways, so I do the urine test and they hook me up to the monitor. I didn't think I was having any contractions but apparently I was so they also gave me some turbuteline to stop the contractions. We got the results back and guess what?! I had an infection. WOW. So they prescribe me a new prescription and tell that they are going to do additional tests on my urine to see what type of bug it actually is since it seems to be resistant to everything I'm taking. So on Tuesday when I go in for my doc appt they will let me know. So that's the latest. Also my blood pressure is still really high so they are worried about that too. On a happier note our friends got married today and we are so excited for them. I'll put some pics of them up a little later. That's all folks.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Third Times a Charm... Right?

So we took a trip back to triage. Fun, fun. This time it was cause I was throwing up anything that went into my mouth. So story time again. So I been getting heartburn pretty bad the last couple days and haven't been aloud to take anything cause the prescription I'm on for the UTI says no antacids while taking it. So I been just suffering through it, no big deal. Well for dinner yesterday I made lasagna and garlic bread, probably not a smart thing to eat when you been having heartburn. Too much tomato sauce. Anyways, and then for a snack later I had a banana and it tasted awful so ended up taking like three bites and then throwing it away. So that night I had a hard time sleeping my tummy started to hurt and little by little got worse to where I was having really really sharp pains. It felt like my poor stomach was having its own contractions. (instead of my uterus) So I really hate, hate, hate to throw-up, especially being prego. It just hurts. So I eat some crackers, sip some cold water, and nothing. So I get in the shower thinking the warmth will help ease the pain. Nope. Instead Chase comes and sits on the toilet and asks me how I'm doing and I yell, "better move, I think I'm going to yarf on you." So I jump out. Bet this paints a pretty picture in your mind, huh? I proceed to lose everything I just ate and some. I'm dripping wet, shaking cause I'm freezing and cause I just yarffed. Think I would feel better now, right? Wrongo. I feel worse. So Chase, the sweetheart that he is, gets me some sprite, crackers, water, a few towels and my robe. I chill next to the toilet thinking it's going to go away now that I just spewed. Not even twenty minutes later I do it again. I call the doc and he say come in so we can evaluate you. Oh goody. The good news was Kael was fine and it didn't take that long this time. And my aunt was working that day so we got to see her. So after they 'evaluated' me they decided that it's probably just a flu bug and sent me home. I had been munching on ice chips while I was there cause my mouth was so dry. As we are walking out to the car I get really dizzy and clammy and my stomach starts to wig out again. I lose my stomach contents, again, in the rocks. So Chase goes back in to see if there is anything I can take that will help settle my stomach since I can't seem to keep ANYTHING down. They say no just get some rest and call if it doesn't get better by tomorrow. So I'm pooped by the time we get home. These throw up fits aren't just regular throw ups. After I empty my stomach I continue to dry heave for another few minutes. Fun, huh? I crash when I get home, sleep for a few hours. When I wake up I'm excited cause I feel better. That was until I stood up. My tummy woke up too and it didn't hurt as bad as earlier but it was still really annoying and uncomfortable. I laid in bed for most of the day and just didn't move. Then around five I called the doctor to see if there was seriously nothing that I could take that would help my stomach. 'He' said pepto would be fine and to try and drink something like smart water or gatorade that had electrolytes in it to keep my hydrated. Dehydration = pre-term labor. As soon as I took pepto I started feeling better. And I was excited cause I kept down my water. Chase, my mom, and me decided that between the lasagna and yucky banana my stomach had, had enough. So thats there's the update and if you are wondering what the heck I'm doing up so late, well my nap kinda messed up my sleep. So here I am blogging away. :)