Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

So let's start with what happened before we got to carve pumpkins this year. I went to the store to go pick up a mattress for Kael's crib before I went to my doctor's appt. No big deal, Right? Anyways so I didn't have time to make it home and Chase wasn't home to unload the thing anyways so I just headed to the doc. I get there expecting just a routine check up, but what I got was a little more than I bargained for. So this is how the appt went. Check in, they call me back, ask me if baby's been moving, I say yes never stops, they check my weight, I about crap my pants everytime, sit down and they check my blood pressure, I ask so what's the damage today. The nurse says something like 146/93 or something like that. I grumble because I have a feeling I know what's coming next. So she says lay on my side while I wait for the doc to try and get it to drop. I follow instructions. Doc comes in and does the whole 'how are you feeling' thing. He proceeds to tell me that he is very concerned with my BP and they are going to check it again after we do our thing. Good news, I'm still measuring great and babies heart beat sounds awesome and he's still head down. Bad news, I'm not dilated or thinning and my BP was still 136/91. So because its the highest its been he sends me over to triage to monitor my BP and do some blood work tests. OH GOODY! (and Chase wasn't with me this time) Doc continues to tell more 'great' news. He says if your BP doesn't drop then I will have to be admitted and talk about getting the baby delivered. (WHAT?!) Here I thought I was just going to find out if I was dilated or not and now we are talking delivery! Holy crap is what I'm thinking. :) So I waddle over to the hospital and they hook me up to the monitor. I think the nurse had a magical touch because my BP was only reading 128/69 so it had dropped in a matter of seriously minutes. So I got to chill all by my lonesome for about an hour and a half and then they send me home cause my BP was staying on the lower side and they blood test came back clear. Don't worry I did call Chase before I went to triage and let him know what was going on. I told him to stay home until the test came back. Poor guy. So much baby mama drama. :) So I went home and we carved pumpkins that night with some friends. You can tell in the pics that I'm really getting puffy so you can see why my doctor is worried. But so far everything is okay and I'm being carefully not to be on my feet to long cause that seems to do a number on my BP. Anyways carving pumpkins was really fun and they all turned out really cute. PS we all made our own patterns, yes I know we are amazing. :)

Chase made the Kool-aid man and made the back shine 'oh yeah' on the wall when its lit. Freakin Awesome!!

 I did Fankenstein Head

the back of chase's pumpkin
and the front



Cool pumpkins!
Tell your blood presure to calm down! ;) It won't be too much longer! Hope things go well!

Trevor, Brittany, and Addison Gardner said...

Hey sorry I couldn't make it to your shindig. Stacey's shower is tomorrow so we spent all day cleaning and making decorations and shopping. We were pooped. Hope it was fun though. Tell that baby to hurry up I want to see him!

Katrina said...

Love the Kool-Aid pumpkin - so awesome! Next year you'll have your own 'lil pumkin to take trick-or-treating!! How fun!

mattis0n said...

man, you have such a creative husband. Those are some great carvings. I love how Chase put the oh yeah on the back of the pumpkin.

The count down is on. We're all getting so excited for Kael's arrival.