Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I look retarded in these pictures but the story of Claire's Birth is quite funny.
This growth I have coming out of my butt is not a baby. ha ha. It is a thing called the 'peanut ball' and it looks like a giant peanut. Claire wouldn't drop so that I could finish dilating, surprise, surprise. Her dang brother did the same thing. My labor nurse was a rock star and she had me doing all sorts of things to get this baby to move. Since I was high risk and couldn't get out of bed instead of sitting on the ball like you are suppose to, she just had me put it between my legs. Ha ha. We were all laughing pretty hard. Unfortunately, we were able to get to about an 8-9 and then I wouldn't progress anymore. So onto surgery yet again.
Chase in his space man suit
I was feeling pretty crappy by this point because me epidural wore off at the end again.
Chase got some really cool pictures of the surgery but they are pretty gross so I'll limit it to just one.

Claire was such a chunk when she was born
Yay! She's finally here!
Getting cleaned up

Snuggle time with daddy
Going Home YAY!!!

First Bath
One Week Old

Two Weeks Old

Halloween 2010
Picking out our pumpkins this year was quite a rush. Literally we were rushing and hurrying because I didn't want Claire out in public for too long. Kael had fun looking at all the pumpkins and Claire just cried the whole time because she was hungry.

Good thing Nana was there to save the day!
We went to our Parents' neighborhood block party. Kael had a blast running around and seeing all the stuff. Kael had cotton candy for the first time and didn't really know what to think of it.

We carved our pumpkins a couple days later and I have to say. The pumpkin Chase did this year has been my favorite so far. He did it all by himself with no template. It was his idea and his drawing. Clever.

Our costumes were fun to make this year mostly because they were so cheap to make. ha ha. Claire was a lady bug, I was a bee, Kael was Buzz lightyear and Chase was a sock monkey. We went to my friends Halloween Party on Friday and it was so fun. It's been forever since we went to a party and it was so nice to go out and have fun!! Saturday we went Trunk or Treating out our own Ward Party and then we met up with our parents at there Trunk or Treat.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for us and only about to get busier with the holidays just around the corner. Kael with be Two this month as well! My baby boy is growing up so fast!! I just love being a mommy to these little munchkins!!