Saturday, March 28, 2009

Four Months!!

I can't believe my baby boy is four months already. He was four months last friday so I know it's a little late by hey life has been a little busy. We went to the Pediatrician on Monday and got his shots. He is such a tough little guy. He only cries for a second and then he's fine. He doesn't get sore or bruises, he doesn't even get a fever. He does get a little cranky but thats it. He is in the fifty percentile with everything now, 14 lbs 13oz and 25 inches long. I was really hoping he would take after his uncles and stay tall, oh well, maybe we he gets older. I was really excited that the Ped said he's real smart. I'm sure every doctor tells the moms this but it made me really happy because I always feel like I'm not doing a good job. I'm always worried he isn't getting the stimulation he needs to succeed and grow. Kael really his so alert, he has been since he was born. I love watching him look at everything and watching him learn. He has recently discovered that he can suck on his toes. He makes me laugh. As soon as he is laying down on his back, up come the feet and straight into his mouth. This would really gross me out if he was actually walking. :) 

He has also started cereal. He isn't quite sure about it yet. When I first put it in his mouth he got this grossed out look on his face like 'did I just throw up?' It's hilarious to watch him cause he seriously gets it everywhere, ears, nose, eyes, neck, legs, you name it and it has found it's way there. Ha Ha Ha, so fun. 
Kael is such a good baby. He does drive me up the wall sometimes but for the most part he is really good. He is almost sleeping thru the night all the time. He still has some nights where he wakes up a lot. But it is happening less and less, which I'm lovin. He loves to sit up so he can see what's going on and he loves, loves, loves to just watch everyone. He is so smiley and it is really easy to get him to laugh. He loves to cuddle which I just love and so does everyone else who holds him. :) Well thats the update for now, plenty more to come later. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wonder.....?

My kid makes the funniest facial expressions!
It seriously makes me laugh and I'm so glad that I have caught some of them on camera. It seriously makes me think, 
"I wonder what he's thinking?"

'why did you take me out of there?!'
'get out of my face!'
'no! seriously get out of my face!'
'what a day.'

trying to boss maggie around?

trying to look at his nose?

one of his pooping faces
'aw, come on mom, not again.'

who dun it?


'cool finger!'

If only we could read baby's minds, oh the things they would say. ha ha ha. I hope you all enjoyed the many faces of Kael. This kid can really make me laugh. He is starting to get such a funny personality. I love watching him discover and learn. He is getting to dang chunky, I love it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I feel old...

yesterday was my birthday and i feel really old and boring. i did enjoy going to lunch with all the girlies it was really good and so nice to see everybody. And Chase invited some of our friends over to just chill last night. It was so awesome to be able to visit with everyone. We have been slackers and haven't seen much of our friends so that was a real treat for me. Thanks to all who came. 

Proof that Kael is a spaz just like his dad.

This is a new thing that he started doing when he takes a bath. It makes me laugh everytime. I've been trying to get Kael on somewhat of a schedule, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I would love to get his nap times an actual time so I can actually get things done. He has such a random sleeping schedule and I never know how long I have to do something, and then I end up stopping in the middle of it and have a bigger mess than what I started with. Any advice? 

Thursday, March 05, 2009

2 years ago...

Two Years Ago.... at 8 am I was getting my hair done at Tantrum Salon, with butterflies in my stomach, anxiously waiting. All dolled up I drove home to meet my mother where we would head to the beautiful Mesa Temple. Nervous has heck my mother help me with my temple clothes and make up. Slowly and quietly I walked to meet the man I would be sealed to for 'time and all eternity.' When I saw him two things ran through my mind... "oh my gosh, he came" and "oh my gosh, we're really getting married"  With both our hearts pounding in our ears we walked together, clutching each others sweaty hands, to the sealing room where our family anxiously waited for us. As I walked into the room I could feel the excitement and love. Sealed for eternity. Forever with my family. I will never forget this day. Never forget the all the emotions, excitement, nervousness, joy. Two years ago, I entered the Temple a Houston and walked out a Rogers with the best husband I could ask for holding my hand. 

Who knew that so much could happen in two years? I never thought I would be so lucky to have such an amazing husband... and a beautiful baby boy. Chase has been my rock. My bestest of best friends. My spiritual guide. He has taught me so much and has made me a better person. I'm so happy that we were able to celebrate our 2nd anniversary together and look forward to millions more. 

So... What did we do, you might ask? Well we were pretty laid back this year having a baby still on the boob and all. :) We got my mom to babysit while we went out to lunch and walked around the San Tan Mall. We and never been there so we decided to go check it out. Then that night we had Chase's mom watch him while we went to dinner at Houston's in Scottsdale. It was seriously so good. Then we hit up Target to pick out a movie. Picked up baby, and went home to snuggle up and watch the movie. Thanks my our mom's for watching Kael. I missed him but at the same time it was so nice to be able to have some real alone time with each other. On a side note, Kael is getting so big I was testing out my 35 mm film camera and I used crapy film the pictures didn't turn out very good. And the video is from my phone so that's not the best either, but it's all I have for now until I get a new digital camera.