Tuesday, September 06, 2011


So now that it's Sept and I thought things would've slowed down by now but things just seem to keep getting more busy. And the holidays are just around the corner and for us it just seems that we never have enough time when that hits.
Well over the 4th we went up to Chase's parents cabin. We have done that every year but last year I wanted to just stay home. So we made the trip this year and the fireworks were awesome as always. But the kids didn't think so. Claire just hid and closed her eyes and Kael shook the first half until he got ear plugs and got to snuggle with Nans. We went to the little fun park they had. Kael love the go carts and he like golfing for about half of it. I think he was just excited he was aloud to have a stick.

We got a 'new' swing set. It was free from a family in our ward. Some of the wood needs to be replaced but all the major parts are still in good condition. The kids thought it was pretty cool but its been to hot to go and play on it. Kael can't wait for it to cool off so he can get back outside. The kiddos swam while we put it together.

Kael did swim lessons this year for the first time and did so awesome. I was really surprised at how fast he picked it up. I am definitely going to be signing him up next year.

My kids are almost always super happy in the mornings and I am starting to like the mornings more because of it. I'm seriously not a morning person at all. Once I'm up I'm good, it's just the getting up part that is hard. Maybe if my bed wasn't so comfy. :)
My kids are usually up by seven and by about 9 or 10 this is what Kael's room looks like. And that's if I even get the chance to pick it up before he goes to sleep. ha ha. These kids have way too much crap. But how can I complain when they play so good together when they are in there with all that crap. Claire does really good if I'm not around. So I usually have to just sit in the other room and listen. Otherwise shes whines and wants me to hold her. I have to admit this is my favorite part of the day. When I just peek in on them and they are happily playing together.

So that was July. Not much. Hopefully I can get August on here soon too. Things are a little backed up at our house. Been trying to play catch up and it just seems I can never get caught up. Well till next time. tah tah for now.