Monday, April 04, 2011

So Long Mountain Man, Hello There Handsome!!

So a here's a few things we've been up to lately...

Claire had her first bite of cereal. She gagged and threw up all over me. Not her favorite. ha ha.
She's starting to warm up to it and is getting better.

Chase is no longer a hairy beast of a Mountain Man. We took his beard off in pieces. It was quite hilarious! I'm just so happy the nappy beard is gone!! Yay!

The moment he got home we took the scissors to him.

Trimmed the beard up to make it even.
Love the chops. Don't get anymore white trash than that.

Goat man.

Nacho Libre?
Raging Nose Hairs!!
Just Plain Wrong!
OH there you are Peter!
Gardening 101
So we decided that we wanted to do a garden this year. It was my birthday present. It was a lot of work but I'm so excited! We planted 16 different plants. They are just now starting to sprout. I was going to blog each stage but I can't even find the time to keep my house clean, the kiddos happy and myself bathed, let alone blog about my garden. ha ha.
Claire enjoyed the shade.
Kael enjoyed the mud.

A little too much.
I kept fixing his shirt but he kept taking the one side off. I was thinking maybe he wanted to be sexy. Chase said noooooo, He wants to be Tarzan. Ha ha.
Tilling the dirt! Oh joy, just what he wanted to do!
Our whole back wall is a garden now. I'll proudly show you my plants once they get bigger. They are just now starting to sprout.

Claire is Five months now! I have got a crafting bug in my butt again and I have been playing around with making hair bows and crocheting up a storm. Claire has the tiniest feet and newborn shoes don't even fit her. So I have been crocheting and sewing her some booties. I found this hat pattern too. I made a flower to go with it and it is to die for. This bow was the first one I made. It turned out HUGE!! So I put it with the hat for fun and now it will just get tucked away until she gets older. I've made some others that are drastically smaller and fit her much better ha ha.

Claire is rolling over like a champ now. It's her way of crawling around now. He tries so hard to sit up too. This last picture is her almost all the time when she lays down. She tries to sit up then gives up and rolls around like crazy. She does this crazy wiggle/dance thing too. Sometimes I worry that somethings wrong with her when she does it. Because she is such a spaz. Doc says she's fine. ha, ha. Yes I seriously asked the doctor. I will have to post it some time because it's seriously hilarious. Well better go. That's us lately.