Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back on the road again...

So we went back to the hospital again, hopefully for the last time until its really time for Kael to come. So here's the story this time... I completed my perscription that they gave me from the last time seriously three days ago and have been drinking a ton of water. I had been feeling fine, no contractions, no pain, nothing. Well I woke up yesterday and started to get ready for the temple. We had a close friend that was going through for the first time. It was about 11:00 when I started to feel a little crampy, but I didn't pay attention to it cause I figured it was just from freaking out trying to find a temple dress that fit me at the last minute. So I got a dress from my mom and we headed to the temple. Right when we pulled into the parking lot I got a pretty distinct contraction. I told Chase but we figured no big deal it's only one. Well... it turned into a few more when I was getting dressed. I told myself not to panic and that once I sit down and drink some water I'll be fine. So we proceed to the session. The whole time the contractions seem to be getting closer together. I was determined to stick it out until the session was done cause I know that if I was in labor again it wasn't like I was going to pop the baby out in a matter of minutes. So I told Chase as soon as it was over we needed to hurry home and time the contractions and see what we could do. We were told to try a few things like walking, take a warm bath, lay on your side, drink lots of water and time your contractions before you call you doctor to make sure it isn't just false labor. So I knew walking made it worse cause walking out to the car made them worse. We got home and did all these things. We figured out my contractions were about two to three minutes apart and they were getting stronger. So called the doctor and the doctor said, get your butt to triage. I laughed at Chase cause he grabbed his book and ipod on the way out the door. :) So we got there and same ol same ol. They hooked me to a monitor, quickly gave me some terbutaline (yay, I really hate that stuff), they did a few other tests this time, I wasn't dilated which was the really good news. As for the bad news, I still had an infection. ugh. They said the meds they gave me didn't work cause the bug was resistant to it so they gave me some "good stuff" that is suppose to for sure get rid of it. And... I was to take 600mg of ibprofen every six hours for the next three days until my next doctors appt. Oh goody, more pills. So onward home we go. We stopped by my cousins birthday party real quick to talk to my family and I was still crampy so we stayed probably a whole ten minutes then went home so I could lay down. I promise my story is almost over, this is my favorite part. :) So we got home, I took my pills and laid down. After a little bit I realized the craminess was starting up again like it did this morning. So I asked Chase to give me a blessing. He went and got my dad and they gave me blessing. I have to tell you if it wasn't for my wonderful husband and the Lord of course then we would've ended up back in the hospital again that night. I am truly thankful for the priesthood that my wonderful husband has and the blessings it has brought in my life. On many occasions the priesthood has blessed my life, through my dad and now my husband. It is a remarkable feeling to feel the spirit has both your dad and your husband pronounce a blessing upon you. I love my daddy and I love my husband and I love the Lord for blessing me with such wonderful men in my life and about to bless me with one more little man very very soon. Life is good. I'm feeling better today, a little sore and achy but I'm doing okay. Thanks for reading, hope it didn't bore you too much. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hospital Trip

So last night we had a little bit of a scare. I started having contractions along with really bad pains right before my doctors appointment. So I talked to my doctor and he said it wasn't anything to worry about unless it got worse. Well I drove home and the whole way home the pain kept getting worse. I didn't know if it was contractions or just Kael pushing on a nerve or something. So I picked up Chase at home and went straight over to my mom's. We tried a few things to see if we could get it to go away but it just seemed that the pain just wasn't getting any better. So Chase called the doctor to find out what else could be done, the doc said go in and get checked. So off to the hospital we went. When we got there, they had me change and hooked me up to the monitors. I was having contractions about every four minutes, but every time Mr. Kael moved it would cause me pain. So after a while they decided to give me terbutaline to stop the contractions and ibprofen to help with the pain and I did a urine test. The test showed I had a urinary tract infection and so they figured that the UTI and the baby's position was the causeo of my pain because I wasn't really feeling my contractions. And the UTI and dehydration probably started my contractions. So once the terbutaline stopped my contractions they gave me a perscription for my UTI told me to drink a ton of water for dehydration and sent me home. I have been feeling pretty good so far. Just a little nervous that something else might happen. Although I'm really excited about having Kael arrive we just aren't quite ready for him. Anyways, while we were waiting for the test results Chase and I entertained ourselves by taking pictures of each other. Lame I know, but we didn't have anything else to do. 
Chase was really bored and I was just thankful for drugs that could stop contractions. Poor baby would have been so sick if he was born this early.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well its a little late but I wanted to give Chase big time credit for upgrading our tent to a tent trailer. He worked really hard on it and did a really really good job. I was truly impressed. A little background... Chase bought a tent that went in the back of his truck. It really was the coolest thing. It was perfect for us. When it rained we didn't have to worry about getting wet cause we were off the ground and it was plenty big enough to fit in our stuff. My only complaint was it left you without a vehicle if you needed to use it for something and there wasn't much room for a growing family. We would have to eventually have to get something bigger cause kids just have way too much crap. :)

We used the truck tent for all our camp outs together since we've been married. Our "upgrade" came from Chase's parents. They had an old 1969 Starcraft tent trailer that they had used for years. The poor trailer seriously needed some TLC as far as the roof. It was pretty rotten. Anyways Dan and Becky decided to get a spify new tent trailer last year so Chase asked if he could have their old one and fix it up. Chase worked his but off. He rebuilt the entire roof, put new flooring down, and a lot of other things that are too many to name. After a few trial and error things he finally got it done just in time for this years Rogers' Reunion. I wish I would of thought to do a few before and after pictures, but oh well. 
You really can't see what he did in the picture but this is just what it looks like. We bought a cheap tarp canopy just to have for shade and even though it looks a little white trash it was really nice to have. Funny how some cheap things you expect to only last a little bit end up working out really well. :) 
Chase getting a much deserved break. He did a really good job and it even rained while we were up there so we got to test it's limits. Of course NO LEAKS!! It is an old camper so it has it's faults but I truly couldn't be happier with what we have. No leaks, lots of storage space and enough beds for more additions to our little family. Perfect. Thanks babe for being such an amazing handy man!