Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lil momma

Claire has been obsessed with her babies lately. She wants to feed it real food, change its diaper and all that good stuff. I heard her playing in her room quietly. The quiet should've been my red flag. Well she came and said i change baby poop. She was covered from head to toe in baby powder. And so was her baby. ;)

Friday, July 13, 2012


Ok. Seriously I just love this little boy. He has such a tender little heart and he is just so dang smart. I just had to do a post just about him. I love Claire too. But Kael is my special boy, and if all my kids were just like him I would have a million of them. Don't get me wrong Claire is beautiful and just as special. With Claire being the baby, sometimes I forget about Kael and making sure he gets special attention. Claire has gotten extra attention because she was a newborn and then a fussy and BUSY baby and now an even BUSIER toddler. So Kael gets left in her dust a lot of the time. 
Recently though, Kael has quit taking naps. Not everyday is napless, but most of them are. Somedays he just needs that nap, or maybe just I do. I can't believe I have been able to keep him taking naps and he is 3 1/2!! Anyways, while Claire is napping, me and him have some time together. Some days we color quietly and others he plays in his room and I read a book. I have really been enjoying our 'quiet' time together recently because he will tell me stories. He will bring me toys and tell me stories about them or we will just talk and then he starts making up some fun stuff. Lately his stories have been about church. He loves primary. He will tell me tell me about what he learns in primary and then adds his own little flare in the parts he can't remember. I love listening to him. 

One of his more recent stories was about Jesus and how he is a hero.
He told me that Jesus is a hero because he keeps the booger man away and keeps us safe. And we pray to Him to talk to Him. 

He has also been extremely obsessed with the iPad and wanting to buy new games. I told him we could buy the games because we didn't have money to pay for it. This is usually the answer he gets when we are in the store and wants a toy. He tells me, well we need to get money. I told him that it has to be earned, you have to work for it, that's why daddy goes to work. This is usually where the conversation ends. But this time he went and found a quarter in our room, gives it too me and says, "Look, here is some money, I found it, now we can buy the game." I just laughed. He was pretty upset with me that I wouldn't use his money to buy him the game. 

He loves animals. I wish we could get him a dog or a kitty. Or even some chickens. I would love me some chickens and their delicious eggs. Anywho. He actually asked if he could have a puppy the other day. Shhh don't tell Chase. Unfortunately, animals are not in the cards for a while. At least until we figure out what the plan is with medical school. Before Claire was born Kael would play with my mom's dog and would tell us Rocky is his buddy. We went fishing and the fish were his friends. And BUGS are his friends too. There was a fly buzzing around the house the other day while we were eating lunch. It landed on Kael and he said, "look mom he wants to be my friend" Of course I said gross and shoo'd it away. Then it tried to land on his food and I did the same. Kael told me, 'but mom he wants to share my food with me.' I told him flys are dirty we don't share food with them. And as serious as he could be he said, 'Well then we need to give him a bath so he's not dirty.' 
See, isn't he just the funniest, most wonderful, little boy. He seriously cracks me up on a daily basis. He also can drive me bonkers with his non-stop-talking. But I just love him to pieces. He is my most favorite little boy, and I feel so blessed that he is in my life and choose me to be his mother.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Ok... So I've come to the conclusion that my children are.... I guess... how do you say... well they are just plain ol' weirdos! Ha ha. Seriously. Especially Claire. But oh don't worry Kael comes in as a close second. Want proof?

Well here yeah go....

Claire decided at my mom's one night that she was sleepy. So she laid on the rug in the middle of the kitchen and 'tucked' herself in. She thought she was pretty hot stuff. And this is just one of the weird things she does.

 Kael on the other hand is having a hard time understanding that girls only wear 'pretties.' He doesn't understand why boys and girls are different and I just don't want to even go there right now so when he asks I'll give in. He'll wear necklaces and bracelettes every now and then. But one night he wanted me to put hair ties in his hair. I tried to explain that his hair was too short that it couldn't be done. He argued that indeed it could be done that I just had to try. So.... I figured what the heck. So I put some lil' pony tails in his hair and he was happy. Shortly after he got a buzz... daddy insisted.

 Don't worry just because he likes to wear 'pretties' doesn't mean he doesn't like to be 'manly' too!
 Uncle Hunter decided it would be funny to tape him to the tree. Kael was all for it... until he realized he couldn't get down. Ha ha.
 So who do you think the real culprit is?
She does look kinda guilty.... haha.
So, yes. My children are weird. Claire likes to just randomly stop when she is walking somewhere, bend over and lift one leg in air and strike a pose. She has does this move since she could walk. She loves to talk to herself. One night driving home, she had a 15 minute conversation with herself. She would say,
'dee dee'
'doo doo'
'bee bee'
'nah nah'
And this conversation went on like this for 15 minutes no joke. 
Anytime she hears any kind of music she starts dancing. She will be mid sentence and if she hears some tunes she busts a move. It could just be a jingle on tv and she will just start shakin' her booty. She has a huge fascination with body parts. Even the inappropriate ones. Oh yeah. And she thinks she's suppose to pee like a boy. I've tried to introduce potty training to her a bit. I've had Kael help me show her going potty on the toilet is fun. But this backfired and now she thinks she is suppose to stand up and pee. She will run into the bathroom and say potty potty. So I follow her in there and she proceeds to lift her shirt, lift the toilet seat, and lean her belly up against the toilet and 'pretends' to pee. Ummm. How to explain that to a toddler? Still working on that one. She loves her brother so much though. She seriously wants to do everything he does. It's no wonder she is confused why she has a 'special seat' and Kael doesn't. 

Kael loves to tell stories. He tells the most elaborate stories. He has been really into building forts lately. He ripped off the cushions to my couch and built himself a 'temple' fort the other day. Oh and he used the comforter from his bed and my laundry basket too. He thought he was brilliant in his design. Then when he was tired of the 'temple' he took the cushions and built a com 'fort' able bridge. Oh and I didn't come up with the name either. That is exactly how he pronounced it to me. I'm pretty sure it was an accident, but it just made me laugh. He also found a 'secret hiding place' too for him and Claire. In my linen closet the bottom doesn't have anything in it. So it's just this big empty floor space. He closed the door and I could hear him telling Claire, 'this is our special hide out ok?' 'it's dark in here but its ok cause there are no monsters or bad guys' Then he got really quiet and started to freakout. He didn't realize once he closed the door he couldn't get out. Don't worry mom was there to save the day. Normally, him destroying my couch and making a mess of his bed would not make me very happy and I wouldn't allow it, but I just loved watching him think about how to built his temple fort and bridge and I just couldn't take that away from him. He is such a goofy little kid.

They both are!
But they are my weirdos and I love them. 
Besides, their parents are weirdos too!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Texas//Welcome Home Elder Houston

So we were blessed and were able to attend my cousin's homecoming. I wasn't too thrilled about going back to Texas in the summer again and the looooooooooooong drive but I'm so glad we were able to go. The kids had so much fun together. Seriously they were so 100% awesome. They played so well together. Kael and Braiden were best buds. And Houston and Claire were good buddies too. I was shocked because Claire is such a brat and Houston is such a Two year old. It was such a pleasant trip, I'm excited to go back..... when it's not freaking summer. haha. 

 We were able to go to the Gulf. I really wanted to go to the beach this summer. The kids had so much fun when we went in California. Let me tell you.... The Gulf is awesome!! Besides the ridiculous amounts of mosquitos we were fighting off, it was such a blast. I guess this time of year the seaweed washes up on the shore and starts to decompose. Well in California I just remember flies. Well Texas has mosquitos. A LOT of them. Swarms of them. Living in the seaweed. So it took us a while to find a spot that didn't have any. Which of course where there were tons of other people. But it wasn't too busy so it worked out. The WATER IS WARM in the gulf. I actually got in and swam. The only time I've swam in the ocean was in Hawaii where the water is warm too. The kids loved it too. They were hardly playing in the sand at all. It was too much fun in the water.
 They found cool shells

 And Kael boogie boarded

 Claire did have fun throwing muddy sand at daddy

 And by the end of the day we were all covered in sand!!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Memorial Day Lake Trip

Each year my family tries to go to the lake on Memorial day. It's a bit busy but going to the lake is such a fun thing for us to do. The kids love riding in the boat. Memorial Day is usually the first trip of the summer that we do. Last year Claire was too little to do much. This year she boogie boarded and tubed. She wasn't too happy about it. Kael wasn't either. But I figured out why they weren't to fond of it. The water was cold and Claire hate cold water. Kael was scared because he didn't realize that is life vest is a floaty. So to prepare better for the next trip I took him in the pool with his life vest on. He was so excited when he realized he could float. So we are ready for the next trip. Claire on the other hand still hates the cold water. Big whimp. haha. She liked sitting on the back splashing though.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Larson Reunion

Since I married Chase I have loved going to his family reunions. I think I love it so much because it reminds me of the BIG Houston reunion we used to have. And as a kid I love, love, loved them. I had so much fun with my cousins and camping. Well now it's my kids turn to have a blast. It's sad when these things start to die out. Because so many wonderful memories are built. I know the kids have way more fun than the adults and it's a lot of hard work for the adults. But to me it is so worth it because I remember as a kid how much I enjoyed these. We went fishing with both of the kids this time. Last year we only took Kael and we didn't catch anything. This year they were love the bait. Kael was so brave and picked up the fish all by himself. I thought he would freak out but he loved it. Claire hated touching them. She didn't mind looking at them but she did not what it near her.

 The traditional sink bath
 And of course yummy meals the whole time