Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Half way there

Chase turned 25!! He is such an old fart... kind of ( half way to fifty) I tease him all the time about being old even though he's not really. He had a busy birthday though and got lots of love from his family and friends. We went to lunch with his mom and Sister Kandace at the famous Gecko Grill and then that night we went to get chase's favorite, sushi. Blah. Not my favorite but he LOVES it. Then we watched the sad suns game (that they lost) and had dessert at Cory and Kristyn's house. Chase is a wonderful person and I'm so happy that he is going to be the daddy of our babies. I love him so much and hope he enjoyed his busy birthday (even though the suns lost) Love ya babe! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Guess who has a 9 month flu?!

We gave it another try and what do ya know.... Success! We have known for a few weeks now but wanted to wait until we went to the doctor and made sure everything was okay... so far. We went to a really awesome doctor that my Aunt Marilyn referred and got to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound. So far we have made it further with this pregnancy than the last one. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this one goes well. So far I've been feeling pretty down in the dumps because of the wonderful thing called morning sickness, which should be called "all-day" sickness. Being able to see the heartbeat did brighten my spirits big time though. It also made me realize how little I know about pregnancy and babies. Me being the airhead that I am kept "listening" for a heartbeat when I was getting my ultrasound, I started to panic when the assisting nurse had said, "Look, there's the heartbeat!" Chase saw it before I did, I looked up at the screen with a very confused look on my face, so the nurse kindly pointed to the tiny moving speck on the gray blob. How did I miss that?! ;) It truly was the coolest thing I have ever seen though, because it meant that the little gray blob was alive and soon it will grow into a bigger gray blob that some what resembles a human being. Anyways we are so excited and keep you all posted on fun updates.