Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Growing up!!!

He is such a ham and cheeser! He was being such a goof this time. I think this was my favorite bunch, because you can see his goofy personality. Ha ha.

I can't believe my baby boy is 11 months, and in exactly 24 days he will officially have an age in years! Well, year. I'm so excited for him to turn ONE, I don't really know why, either. I don't really want any of my babies to grow up, I want them to stay little forever. I especially don't want a naughty little toddler, or teenagers for that matter. Kael already has a little bit of a 'tude with me. For example, if you take away something that he does not want taken away, he will kick his legs and arch his back and cry. The other day I was at the bank and I sat him up on the counter and when I was trying to sign the receipt he reached for the pen. I moved his hand and told him 'no.' He didn't cry but he did the kick the legs and whine thing. And I had to keep from laughing. He can be such the little turd sometimes. Like when I'm trying to be firm when I say NO he will laugh and think it funny. Stinker. So I have to put on a fake mean face, but I think he can see right thru it. ha ha. He still has the same six teeth that came thru all at the same time, no new ones yet. He is a crawling and cruising machine, but he is not interested in walking at all. He is a little bit of a chicken. He is a major busy body. He gets into EVERYTHING. And if I have something stacked nice out of the way, and he can reach it. He will make sure the pile if spread across the room. He loves, loves, loves anything with wheels. He makes motor noises with anything and slides it across the floor. He likes any kind of toy ball, and he loves playing with books. One of my not so favorite 'discoveries' he has made recently it the 'TOILET' and he love to splash in the water. Luckily nothing has been in the toilet when this happens and luckily its only happened a couple of times. But on many occasions he has tried to make a bolt for it and failed to accomplish such task.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

Don't forget that our annual Halloween Bash is just around the corner. I hope you all have wicked, awesome costumes picked out!! Everyone is invited! So bring friends!

Friday, October 30th
6:30 p.m to WHENEVER
Come 'dressed' to show off your Halloween BEST! There will be a costume contest!
Prizes for the Scariest, Funniest, Sexiest, Over-all, and the Best Couple Costume!! Voting will take place around an hour or so after the start of the party so get there on time if you want to participate!

Pot Luck!!
Bring a tasty Halloween themed food to share.
(for example: pumpkin cookies, bone rice crispies, monkey 'brains' aka monkey bread, roasted pumpkin seeds, 'finger' sandwiches, bowl of bones aka buffalo wings)
You get the idea. It can be anything, just give it a 'halloween' name and whala!

Carved Pumpkin Contest!!
Bring your carved pumpkin and put it to the test. See everyone's creativity and vote on who's the best.

Crawl, Fly or Creep on over to our Haunted House at:
1459 E Glade Ave, Mesa

This is a party you definitely don't want to miss!!!

Leave a comment if yo have any questions.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alphabet Attic

So.... I know I post way too often but hey, I'm on the computer a lot so I always seem to find myself updating about our random life. Did you notice my NEW picture? So I'm first off going to say that this is not my idea, I got the idea from some lady I saw on the internet and I loved the pictures. So by no means am I taking credit for this remarkable idea. I did however take these pictures, among many others. I have had a few people tell me they wanted me to do one for them so I figured I would start to sell them. I can sell you the pictures or the whole thing all put together, whatever you would like. I'm not going to post ANY pictures on the internet, because I have worked really hard in accumulating the letters I have over the last three months. And I don't have all of them (pretty dang close though) so I'm still going to be working hard to find more. They have become really popular, I have been seeing these kinds of art sold in a bunch of stores, so I figured I would start letting people know I've been doing it. It started as just a gift to my mom, aunt and cousin for their birthdays and has turned into a bunch of people wanting their own. So if you are interested leave me a comment, send me an email (shalysecancook@gamil.com), or call or text me (4809939637).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Discoveries from Destruction

So I've decided that having babies DESTROYS your body. Ha, ha. Now I know why ppl don't tell you all the 'sweet' details. Because anyone who truly knew what happened to your body after birth, they would seriously rethink their decision. Of course I love my baby and I'm excited to some day have more. But it stinks that such a wonderful thing has such a crapy downfall. I mean if you don't mind having 'flap jacks' for boobs, or a 'road map' of the entire world across numerous parts of your body, or even loosing a few brain cells, then you have nothing to worry about. Ha ha. Or how about the mysterious workings of the 'thass?' You know, where your thighs and your ass are so big that you can't tell where one begins or the other ends. You know, the 'thass.' Or when you swell up like a balloon when you are pregnant and look forward to the day you can put on your totally cute high heels once again, only to find out that your feet grew and you no longer can fit in any of those wonderful girly girl shoes. Oh and my personal favorite, you lose weight (finally) but find that when you go to buy new pants, the brand that used to be the "perfect pair" are no longer flattering on your newly found hips. Oh boy! Bahahahahahahaha!! Sorry to sound so dismal, but I'm not griping I promise. I was just laughing the other day about how screwed up your body gets after having a baby. Embarrassing story..... We had friends over the other day and I know Janette's name and Greg's... see I know it.... but I was introducing them to my cousins and I totally drew a blank. I felt just awful. Janette and Greg (not a couple) are spouses of my friends and I want them to know, I really do know your name, and I just had a horrible case of the brain farts. It was so sad. I seriously believe you lose brain cells when you have a baby. So what brought on the thoughts of 'screwed up body?' Well I went to try on my cute shoes for church today. I haven't worn them since I got pregnant so I was thinking they would be perfect for my outfit today. Well..... sadly they didn't fit. ALL of my shoes don't fit me any more. Ok, just one pair that I bought in a big size are the only ones that fit. And they happen to be my most favorite pair. (+) I think it is the weirdest thing that you can still grow even when you are done growing. I have found a new best friend in all of the post pregnancy fun. the PUSH UP BRA. ha ha ha. Oh so sad. Anyways, all of the 'wonderful' things that do happen to your body are NOTHING compared to having kids. Your heart seriously grows. I know so corny, but sometimes I can actually feel my heart growing. (picture the grinch) It seriously is the best thing in life!! Nothing compares. So I want to hear all about everyones post pregnancy 'discoveries' so we can all have a good laugh together. Oh please do tell. :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Kael is a total boy. He was playing at my moms last month and started pushing around the toy cars and trucks making car noises. Ever since EVERYTHING is a car. Skateboard, bottle, my phone, you name it he scoots it across the floor and bruuuummm..... So cute! Needless to say my phone now has a few scratches, but oh well. He such a funny little boy.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Kael, Cinders and the ZOO!!

Kael is Ten Months!!!
Actually he is ten and a half months now but I was a little slow to post. So we were camping again for his month-to-month pictures so I just did random shots for this month. If you are wondering what is on his ears? Well those would be Cheez-its that daddy tucked behind his ears. ha ha. He looks like yoda. Kael is busier than ever. He has been getting into EVERYTHING!!! I can't even walk out of the room for a second or hes into something he shouldn't be. And I have been hearing from mom's that it only gets worse when he learns to walk. Since Kael can pull himself up on anything, I'm hoping that this is the worst of it but we will see. He is officially off the baby food and eating big boy food. He still has 6 teeth but hes been cranky lately so I have a feeling that won't be for too much longer. This kid eats soooooo much! He loves going over Nana's house or Nans' house because they give him cookies or ice cream. ha ha. Stinkers. Thats ok though, that's what grandmas are suppose to do. :) You can't eat around Kael and not be prepared to share. He will throw a fit. Yes my little boy knows how to throw fits now. Turd. He knows how to 'cruise' around but he is still a chicken and won't even try to let go and balance on his own. I thought for sure he would be walking right after he started crawling but thank goodness he hasn't started yet. He knows how to say three words, mama, dada, bah bah; But he understands too many words to list. He is such a smart little boy. I'm sure every mom says that about their babies.

We went to the Cinders the other weekend. None of us have ever been so we thought we should go check it out. It was so much fun! Kael went riding with us in is back back carrier. He couldn't even care less when we were riding around with him. He did however love playing in the dirt and eating it. Gross. But that's what you do when you go camping. Play in the dirt!
Kael wanted to be a big boy and hold his banana so I figure, eh why not? Well when you place food in front of this kid he gets really excited and doesn't know when to stop putting more food in his mouth. So the result is over stuffed mouth with food=Choking Hazard. I have to admit he does really good, even with a crap load of food in his mouth. ha ha.

On Wednesday me and my sister took Kael to the Phx Zoo. I was so excited because I thought Kael would have fun seeing the animals because he attacks my mom's when we go to her house.
Well he was such a grouch and didn't even smile most of the morning. And then most of the animals were asleep when we walked by too. Guess it was just bad timing. Oh well. It was still fun because it was free.

The monkey's were so funny. They were just chillin under leaves staring at everybody. And the baby was so tiny.

Tori finally got Kael to smile and I tried to take a picture but he decided he wanted to pinch her nose instead.

When we stopped for snacks I said, "say cheese Kael" and this is what I got.
He is such a goofy boy. He looks like his mama but has daddy's goofy personality. Anyways, that is the latest with the Rogers' family.