Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Messy house, Happy baby"

This little guy has been keeping me busy. He has figured out that he has control. Dang it... I was hoping he would never figure that little secret out. He doesn't like to be put down for very long, always wanting to be held so he can see what's going on and you can't be sitting while you hold him, he wants you standing. If he is sick of being held he wants to be put down but not on his back or tummy, but because he can't sit up on his own yet you have to sit there holding his hands so he thinks he's doing it by himself. He gets pretty cranky if you don't do what he wants, and boy does he have a temper. He can throw the biggest fits sometimes, its makes me laugh. I know that sounds so mean, I'm laughing at my crying baby, but it's just so funny cause if he could talk, you just know he would be chewing me out. His cry is more of a ticked-off-yelling-at-you kind of cry when he is throwing a fit. Of course I don't laugh when he is hurt or really crying and not throwing a fit. I'm not that mean. He has started to talk/coo and his new favorite thing is chewing on his hands. Nana and Me have gotten him to giggle but it wasn't very big. Mr. Monster keeps me on my toes and I haven't gotten the hang of things yet, as far as being a house wife and a mother. "Messy house, Happy baby." Hopefully I can get on track soon cause this messy house thing just isn't working for me. Anyways, if you are still reading sorry this post was so long. Hope you all like the pictures I did of my cute chubbas. I just love to squeeze dem cheeks!! So cute.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lion's and Tigers and Bears... oh my!

Today I took Kael to the zoo for the first time. I know he is too young still to enjoy it and it was more fun for me, but I just loved being able to be a mom and take my kid to the zoo. We went all the way out to the Wildlife Zoo out by Goodyear and Litchfield with my mom, aunt, and my cousins who brought their kids. It was a long drive but it was so fun! This is Kael all bundled in the morning. It was a little chilly when we first got there and then it got really hot by lunchtime. 
The first thing we got to see was the really really big lion! Of course Kael was konked and not interested. :) But mom was having fun!
When we walked over to this turtle he just looked up at us the whole time we stood there. it was so funny cause he has food all over his mouth.
This thing was so cool! An albino alligator!!
This little dude was creepy. I took his picture and then he started moving toward us. 
Lunch time with some of the cousins and Kael is finally awake.
Kael chillin and looking at the animals. Of course he has no idea what he's looking at. LOL
Cute baby giraffes 
Papa giraffe
Ha, ha. It was so fun! I didn't take many pictures just cause it's boring looking at a bunch of animals in picture books and Kael of course was just chilled in his stroller the whole time. He's too little to be excited about the zoo. But I sure had fun, it's been forever since I've been to any zoo. My mom took some more pictures of everyone so once I get those I'll post those too. 
A great day and the zoo!!
The End

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Smiles

Nap Time
This is my dad, Kael and our retarded cat Princess. LOL. She's not really retarded but she's a really weird cat. Anyways my dad was holding Kael watching some football and did the typical "old" grandpa thing and konked. I didn't even notice the cat sleeping in the background until after I looked at the picture later. 
So freakin' cute. :)

These videos are from my phone so sorry if they are a little blurry. This is Kael when he is happy. He is starting to smile a ton and talk a little bit. It is seriously the cutest thing. He is really starting to chunk out. Everyone is always so surprised when I say he is almost two months and only breastfeeding. I just can't get enough of his chubby little cheeks. :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Kael's Blessing
We blessed Kael this past Sunday and it went really well. Chase did such a good job and Kael slept through the whole thing. I was a little worried because he had me up all night, but he konked right before Chase took him up there. We did a little photo shoot before we left for church cause he was being so good and he was happy. I took a bunch of pictures of him, sorry I'm a little crazy about this little boy. He was making me laugh cause it almost seemed like he was posing for each of these pictures.
Wasn't me... it was her.
Blue Steal...(zoolander)
What are you lookin' at?

All of Kael's Grandmas

Kael's favorite Aunt.... :) Love you Tori!!!
We miss you already!

Thanks to everyone who came out to be a part of Kael's blessing. We really appreciate all the support we have.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Kael's first christmas was a very busy one. We had a ton of family christmas parties to go to, same as always, but it seem like a lot more because this is the first year that they have all been on different nights. It started on the 19th, Friday. We had an adult christmas party at my aunt house with all the extended family. Then Sunday we went to Chase's parents house for their family christmas dinner. Then Monday we had my BIG family christmas party with all my cousins and their kids. We did the traditional Nativity with all the kids dressed up. Kael was baby jesus and I got to stand back stage and help all the other moms this year. It was the first time I felt like a real mom and not just someone who has been babysitting for a really long time. :) Then that night we also had the Roger's family party with Chase's Dad's family. Tuesday we had the Larson adult christmas party with the huge white elephant we do every year. Wednesday we went to my Grandma's house for Christmas Eve. 
Christmas day we had our christmas and then did our traditional christmas rounds. We hit my parents, then Chase's parents, then the Halbert's house. Chase has gone over to the halbert's house every year to wake them up early for christmas. This year I didn't go but it's fun to see every one on christmas morning, since Chase makes us get up at the butt crack of dawn. :) That afternoon we went to visit my Papa out it Phoenix like we do every year. It was a very busy Christmas but I love being with all our families. I love having a HUGE family!!

All Smiles

Ok. The story behind this picture is a cute one. Kael has been starting to smile a lot lately. He just loves being talked to and he tries so hard to talk back to you but hasn't quite found his voice yet. We started putting him in his crib to sleep because he seems to like it better so he sleeps longer. Which is a big plus for mom and dad. Anyways he is normally all smiles in the morning and at night mostly just fussing cause he's tired. But one night Chase was helping me get him ready for bed. I was picking up his room a little while Chase started talking to him. Chase started laughing and said quick take a picture. The closest thing was his phone camera so the pictures aren't the best quality but this one just says it all. Kael was just lovin' his daddy talking to him. He stayed happy and smiled for a good little while. It was the cutest thing ever!! Its moments like these that I just can't get enough of.

Decorating our Christmas Tree

Sunday afternoon nap

We went to church as a family for the first time on Christmas Sunday. Since both of our parents are in the same ward we go to their ward for holidays. Chase took Kael so I could get some things made for the dinner party that night. When I was done this is what I found. 
Aren't they so cute?!

Kael playing baby Jesus

Just being cute

Opening Presents

Happy New Year!!
We went to a party with some friends we never get to see for new year's eve. We played games and visited til the count down. It was really loud but Kael did so good. It was so fun to hang out with our friends we haven't seen in a long time. After the count down we made a quick stop by the Shumway's for some waffles and so Chase could show off his baby boy to some other friends he hasn't seen in a while either. Then we went home and put Kael to bed. Poor baby was so exhausted after a crazy night. He slept EIGHT HOURS! On New Year's Day we went to a movie with my family and saw Marley and Me. It was such a cute movie. All and all it was a busy couple of weeks and we still aren't done yet. Kael is getting blessed this sunday! 

Events for 2008
...It didn't start out on a high note. I started the year with a miscarriage. :( But it did get better.
... January we went snowboarding for my brother's birthday
... February we had romantic first Valentine's as a married couple
... March we celebrated our first anniversary and my 23rd birthday at Disneyland!
... April we found out we were pregnant again!! Yay! And celebrated Chase's 25th birthday.
... May we had family reunions
... June found out Kael was a Boy and I felt him move for the first time
... July went to Lake Powell
... August we had the Roger's reunion and took our finished camper camping for the first time.
... September we went to the hospital for the first time with complications and started our birthing class. Went to the hospital for the second time with complications.
... October we had more pregnancy complications and more trips to the hospital. Got to see our baby's face for the first time on an ultrasound. And had an awesome Halloween party.
... November we gave birth to our beautiful baby boy Kael on the 20th!! And had a yummy Thanksgiving.
... December we had a busy Christmas. And we are so excited to start the new year as a little family of THREE!!

Thank you to all the family and friends for all the support and help.