Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake Powell Trip

So my family had the bright idea to go to lake powell the summer I'm pregnant (I'm not bitter... I swear.... ;)  ) Anyways even though I hit the start of my third trimester when we arrived it was still really, really fun. We did a bit of traveling and I was way excited to see the cool things like rainbow bridge and little indian huts. I didn't take a lot of pictures so here are a few.....
This was in the parking lot at the walmart in Page... talk about 'white trash'  :)
We had a couple little storms hit us while we were there, but they didn't last long at they looked really cool against the mountains
We hiked to Rainbow Bridge even though it rained on us the whole way up. It was perfect cause the sun wasn't trying to melt us and made it bearable for my sexy fit husband to drag his white whale of a wife up the trail.

This is the view from where we had to hike up a mountain to see the indian huts... really high!! 
This is one of the little huts that were up there. We started to climb up with some of my family and it wasn't to hard until we hit a spot where the mountain went straight up and the only way to get to the other part of the trail was to climb the so called 'stairs'. The stairs were little dents in the rock, about 15 of them. I thought to myself.. if my four year old cousin can do it I should be fine, right? HA! I went up about three dents and realized my booda belly and my fear of heights were to powerful to finish. So chase went up with everyone else and me, my mom and my sister (I wasn't the only chicken) decided we choose life.. not death. 
Trying to fish... mostly just pretending for the kids sake.
Chase surfing
My brother surfing
Dad proving he's a wicked awesomest grandpa dude!
Me trying to surf. LOL. Surfing is pretty easy and when you fall it doesn't hurt so I figured I would try it... I could hardly pull my big butt out of the water. My wimpy arms and off balance body didn't work so gracefully together. But it was fun to try. he he.
Playing horseshoes on the beach
So thrilled to be watching horseshoes.... :)

All and all the trip was a blast! (Even though I was pregnant)