Wednesday, December 28, 2011

yet again....behind

Seems I'm always behind. I'm just slow I guess. Everything seems to be that way in my life haha. Ah well. I'm trying. So Claire turned one!!! And in November my baby boy turned 3!! Aw, that really makes me so sad. He's still my little nursery baby and as of this week he will be a sunbeam! I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I take him to his class for the first time. I've been fighting back tears for months. My baby boy is growing up. But he still likes to cuddle and give my kisses. I'll be so sad when he's older and won't let me do that anymore. Kael is such a funny kid. Seriously he's hilarious. The things he says and does just light up my day. Oh and he is got his stinker three year old attitude too. Oh man he can really push my buttons. I love that little boy so much. He has been keeping us busy that one. He loves his sister so much (most days) and he is her protector. He is obsessed with TV and movies right now. We have netflix instead of cable and he has been watching all the old super hero cartoons. So fun. But I wish he would go outside and play more. He loves to be outside once hes out there but just convincing him to go out there has been a challenge as of lately. I've never had to restrict his TV watching because he'll watch for a little bit then get bored and go play with his toys. But as of lately he has been big time restricted. He still takes a nap. I love that my three year old still takes a nap. I feel blessed because I know thats not a common thing. He is a major night owl though. Kael still loves his blankie though. And it has to be his "green" blankie. Such a goof.

Halloween was super fun this year. I made all of our costumes except Chase did most of his. Kael was a dinosaur, me and Claire were witches and Chase was the Koolaid man. I don't have a picture of all of us yet but I'll get one. Kael loved getting candy and Claire loved eating it.

Claire got a nice black eye. She fell off my mom's bed and hit her cheek bone just right. Everytime I looked at her I just felt so guilty. Poor thing.
Kael loves to dress up in uncle Hunter's boxing gear!! (i swear it wasn't Kael who gave her the black eye)

Big Boy Turned '3'!!!

Thanksgiving was at my mom's this year! We had my dad's family come down from Vegas this year so that the family in Texas could come and have it not be as far as a drive. Kael had fun with all the boys and Claire loved eating. haha

The weather has been so nice that we have been spending a lot of time in our backyard on our ghetto swing set that still needs to be fixed.

That was basically our October and November. My sister came home from her mission at the end of October but I don't have many pictures to put up here. Most are just everyone giving her hugs and crying haha. We are so glad to have her home! Bring it on December!!