Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two's for you

Claire at Three weeks

We took Kael to the Zoo for his birthday!! He had so much fun looking at the animals and, of course, chasing the birds.

Milking the fake cow

Claire's first experience at the zoo consisted of her napping the whole time, pooping and having it seep out all over her outfit, and more sleeping.
Nans and Kael.
On sunday the day after Kael's birthday we and some family and friends come over for cake and homemade ice cream.

Claire's blessing
This was only about half of everybody. Some had to leave and others scattered when they heard the word pictures. ha ha. Thanks to all of those who came!!
I made her little shoes.
They were the first pair I made. I actually made them when I was pregnant with Kael, hoping I would have a girl but knew I was having a boy. ha ha.

This is Claire's really happy smile. She loves to open her mouth and stick out her tongue when she is trying to smile.

Kael crashed hard right after everyone left. He asked to play with daddy's phone and he was gone before he even opened it.

Claire was being so silly. She was loving laying next to her still and sleeping brother.