Monday, November 28, 2011


Ok. So I've been super busy the last couple weeks I forgot to tell you all about a boutique that I'm participating in. It's at the school down the street from my house and "THE CRAFTY SENORITAS" are going to be there selling some of their crafties. I have started a crafty blog with some friends of mine selling all things crafty. The blog is pretty sad right now. We have been putting a lot of energy into this boutique and the blog has obviously been neglected. :( But we will be getting more things up and for sale soon. Also we will have some great tutorials on how to do things as well. So keep checking back. For more info about the Boutique and to see pics of some of the things we will be selling click here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

" i sing you a song"

Ok. I know its one in the morning but its one of those nights where i just cant turn my brain off and the neighbors pool cleaner keeps turning on. Seems i been having a lot of those nights. Anyways here's a couple stories about kael. So kael spilled his cereal and milk everywhere one morning. I said its ok it was an accident. He said oh i make a mess. I so happy. I said no im not happy i dont like messes. He says its ok mom i sing you a song.... Hmm. Ok. He proceeds to make up a song for me.... " i make a mess, and its ok, i no do it again...." i just smile and laugh. I ask chase did you get any of that? He just bust up laughing. Kael is just looking at us smiling like whats so funny. But he seemed proud that he made us so happy. Ha ha. Second story... We are sitting in church. First kael knows i have earrings because we call them my pretties. Anyways... Church. He is sitting on chases lap and he looks up at me puzzled. He says mommy you have it stuck in your ear. I laugh and say yes thats my pretty. He says it doesnt hurt. I confirm and say yes it doesnt hurt. He tells me to take it out. I say no they are my pretties. He says they stuck? I say yes. He says relax i take them out. I laugh and say no thats ok. He says no mommy, relax, k? Relax. Me and chase just bust up laughing. Again he just smiles. He apparently never noticed that my earrings were inside my ears ha ha. He is such a sweet heart. I love this little turd so much. He can be quite the little monster most of the time but he is my favorite little boy. He is the hilight of my day. Hes not a morning person by any means but he keeps me on my toes and makes sure i remember to be his best friend. Just the other morning i said happy birthday kael! He says i dont want a birthday. I said oh i guess i get your presents. Hes says in his grumpy morning voice, i dont care i dont like presents. I laugh and say well good morning to you too, mr grumpy gills. He stares, still somber and pissed off hes awake. Haha. I love my baby kael bug! Little turd.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gassy Girl

Dang Claire! So she decided to give us a little scare. She found sea foam which is pure petroleum gas. Yes gas, as in gasoline! Me and Chase were both standing right there and we heard her choking /coughing. We both panicked and knew immediately what she had just done. She drank the sea foam gasoline. Chase rushed her into the house to lean her up. I'm looking at the bottle to see what we need to do! In big bold red letters it reads: "Fatal if swallowed!". AHHH! She's gonna die!!!!! So I read further and it says call your physician! I do that he says call poison control. I do that! They ask a bunch of questions, is she. Coughing is puking is she crying is she breathing how much did she swallow and so on and so forth! They say it's ok...... Sigh. It happens. She sounds like she didn't drink any and it didn't get in her lungs. Sigh.... So they will call back in an hour and see how she is doing. Hour passes. No barfing and she's acting normal. We also gave her a priesthood blessing. They call back and say she is fine. No worries everthing is going to be ok. Sigh.... Cry.... Yay no death, no serious injury, and no hospital trip.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Claire Turned ONE!!!

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."

My baby girl turned ONE!! Can you believe it?! I can't. It seemed to go so fast seems like only yesterday I was bringing her home for the first time. She was such a tiny little peanut. She was bigger than her brother when she was born. But she stayed so small. Now she is walking and sassing me already. Boy, does this little girl have attitude! She knows what she wants and she wants it her way and NOW!! She is so sweet at the same time. She is so caring and loving. Both her and her brother are such loving kids. Kael will just come up to me every so often and give me a hug and say I love you mom. Claire just loves, loves, loves to give hugs. And kisses but nobody really appreciates her open mouth slobbers. ha ha. She is so so busy. Kael never seem to get into things. He was more, 'out of sight, out of mind' and Claire just seems to think life is a treasure hunt and she is bound and determined to discover everything.

We had a party for her but I'll post that later. I made this outfit for her and I love the way the pictures I took turned out so I had to share. I love this little girl. Chase says she's "sweet 'n sour" which totally fits her perfectly. My kids are beautiful and I love them both to pieces. They are the reason I love being a mom so much.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!