Wednesday, November 23, 2011

" i sing you a song"

Ok. I know its one in the morning but its one of those nights where i just cant turn my brain off and the neighbors pool cleaner keeps turning on. Seems i been having a lot of those nights. Anyways here's a couple stories about kael. So kael spilled his cereal and milk everywhere one morning. I said its ok it was an accident. He said oh i make a mess. I so happy. I said no im not happy i dont like messes. He says its ok mom i sing you a song.... Hmm. Ok. He proceeds to make up a song for me.... " i make a mess, and its ok, i no do it again...." i just smile and laugh. I ask chase did you get any of that? He just bust up laughing. Kael is just looking at us smiling like whats so funny. But he seemed proud that he made us so happy. Ha ha. Second story... We are sitting in church. First kael knows i have earrings because we call them my pretties. Anyways... Church. He is sitting on chases lap and he looks up at me puzzled. He says mommy you have it stuck in your ear. I laugh and say yes thats my pretty. He says it doesnt hurt. I confirm and say yes it doesnt hurt. He tells me to take it out. I say no they are my pretties. He says they stuck? I say yes. He says relax i take them out. I laugh and say no thats ok. He says no mommy, relax, k? Relax. Me and chase just bust up laughing. Again he just smiles. He apparently never noticed that my earrings were inside my ears ha ha. He is such a sweet heart. I love this little turd so much. He can be quite the little monster most of the time but he is my favorite little boy. He is the hilight of my day. Hes not a morning person by any means but he keeps me on my toes and makes sure i remember to be his best friend. Just the other morning i said happy birthday kael! He says i dont want a birthday. I said oh i guess i get your presents. Hes says in his grumpy morning voice, i dont care i dont like presents. I laugh and say well good morning to you too, mr grumpy gills. He stares, still somber and pissed off hes awake. Haha. I love my baby kael bug! Little turd.

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