Friday, November 11, 2011

Gassy Girl

Dang Claire! So she decided to give us a little scare. She found sea foam which is pure petroleum gas. Yes gas, as in gasoline! Me and Chase were both standing right there and we heard her choking /coughing. We both panicked and knew immediately what she had just done. She drank the sea foam gasoline. Chase rushed her into the house to lean her up. I'm looking at the bottle to see what we need to do! In big bold red letters it reads: "Fatal if swallowed!". AHHH! She's gonna die!!!!! So I read further and it says call your physician! I do that he says call poison control. I do that! They ask a bunch of questions, is she. Coughing is puking is she crying is she breathing how much did she swallow and so on and so forth! They say it's ok...... Sigh. It happens. She sounds like she didn't drink any and it didn't get in her lungs. Sigh.... So they will call back in an hour and see how she is doing. Hour passes. No barfing and she's acting normal. We also gave her a priesthood blessing. They call back and say she is fine. No worries everthing is going to be ok. Sigh.... Cry.... Yay no death, no serious injury, and no hospital trip.

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