Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Happenings

Ok, so blogging hasn't been on my list of things to do lately. My list is just too dang big and updating our family happenings is on the bottom of the list. The kids are napping and I have no desire to do anything at the moment so here I am. I have been horrible at taking pictures lately. So my goal since the holidays are right around the corner is to be better.

Me and Chase have started school this semester. Yes, me too!! Chase is at ASU finishing up his pre med stuff. He takes the MCAT this summer and we start the application process. Crazy it takes a whole year to do. But I'm excited that this chapter in our life is finally coming to a close. Next chapter.... MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!!
We had a goal of staying driving range of no more than 14 hrs away from Mesa, AZ so that we can be close to family. So that really help narrow down the massive list of schools we had to filter threw. We have a good count of 10 schools right now from California to Nebraska to Texas. Our obvious first choice is to stay here in good ol' Arizona. U of A has a Phoenix campus and a Tucson campus.... ugh.... We would like to get into the Phx campus so we don't have to move but we will suck it up and go to Tucson if need be. I'm dreading Tucson because it is seriously such an ugly place. :( I know I'm mean but really... ask yourself would you move there?! Really? Anyways you can't beat the great tuition price we would get if we stayed in-state, and less debt is a big plus! We haven't really decided on a second choice yet. We like Loma Linda, CA; Aurora, CO and Omaha, NE. I know, really.... Nebraska. Well the reason behind that one is they have a campus here in AZ so for two years we would live in NE and then move back to AZ for his 2 clinical years. But that's a lot of moving too. So who knows where we will end up. All I know is we will eventually have to move. Because when he does his residency there are no options in AZ and not a lot of openings anywhere else. So we won't get a much of a choice. We'll gladly take anything.
Then there's my school. Good ol' MCC. I'm learning how to become a professional seamstress. I'm only able to take a couple classes since Chase is in school full-time. But I really love my classes. I seriously love sewing and constructing clothes. I've been told I have a real talent for it and it's something I could do from home. So I'm super excited to learn more about it. My classes are so stinkin' easy I'm annoyed I didn't do this sooner. I'm just so excited about it though!! My great grandma was an amazing seamstress and I feel honored to have gotten some of her talent and put it to good use. Any one ever want to learn some basic sewing let me know I can help you get started it's so fun!!
Then there's the pregnancy. Let's see.... I was shocked about this one. We didn't expect it this soon. And it's the worst timing too. But we will manage. I'm due April 26th right at Chase's finals and I won't be able to go to school next semester because I'll miss the whole last weeks of school. So that's a bummer but other than that we are super excited to have another adorable munchkin running around to had to our craziness. I love being a mom! Seriously it's so fun. We are such a circus and life seems ridiculous at times but we have fun.

And proof of our crazies is this little girl. She is seriously a handful. She can destroy my house in no time flat all by herself. She causes more destruction than the rest of us all together. 
But really she is the cutest thing ever. Both of them are. They have such great lil' imaginations. Like, Claire the other day told me some wild story about a monster and a spider, and they bit her butt so she ate them and then spit them out and gave them back and shared them with the nice monster. Weirdo.
Oh no worries Kael tells some awesome stories too. I love listening to them play pretend. 

My kids are goofy. Just like mom and dad. But we have fun together and we love each other (most of the time). 

Well the kids are awake time to get back to damage control.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oops we did it again

So... Guess the word is starting to get out so it's time I officially spill the beans. We are expecting baby #3 on April 26th!! A bit sooner than we planned but it's all good. I'm not far along at all and not showing yet either thank goodness. All that working out paid off. I'm almost 8 weeks along and feeling quite dizzy with this one. I get dizzy then it makes me nauseous. But other than that I'm feeling pretty good. We aren't going to find out what we are having with this one. We thought it would be fun leaving it a surprise. My guess is a girl and chase's guess is a boy (just because I think it's a girl) we will see who's right in April.

Oh and Kael found a way for us to earn some money for the new baby. ;)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Kids day!!

Today was a day devoted to the kids. We have been super busy and I felt like they werent getting much of our attention. So Chase and Kael made pancakes together this morning and then as a family we tried a new recipe for jello cookies. The dough can be used as playdough then you make them in to cookies when your done. We didn't bake the kids dough cause they were a little iffy. The cookies tasted nummy though. The kids had so much fun playing with the dough and they were happy to get some much needed attention. Later that night we visited nana and papa and they decided to snuggle up in their bed to watch cartoons.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Butterfly Boy

So I've been really slacking on my mom duties the last week cause I been having health issues and feeling pretty crappy. When you feel like garbage the last thing you want to do is clean and cook. Anyways Kael found some scissors some how or maybe it was Claire cause she can find just about anything she shouldn't. Either way Kael ended up with the scissors and decided to cut some hair. His and Claire's!! It could've been so much worse but luckily it wasn't. He basically scalped the front of his head so we had to go to nana's to give him super duper short buzz. Claire on the other hand, we kept find long chucks of hair all over the place but couldn't find where it was cut. So I was thinking we were in the clear. Well at dinner time I was sitting next to her and she had a wild short chunk of hair sticking out. She had huge pieces of hair missing but we lucked out and it's covered by a top layer. Then while we were at nana's house getting Kael's hair fixed he was running around with the dog being his crazy, clutsy self and ran into the cabinets and his forehead collided with the counter. He split open his head pretty good. We butterflied him up and he's good as new. Crazy boy. Hopefully we don't have any more days like this for a while.