Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 Months!!!

Kael is THREE MONTH!! Holy cow, I can't believe my baby boy is three months already! This little guy has stolen my heart! I would put up pictures of him but my digital camera of seven years has finally died on me. It is being held together by only one screw, and the focus sensor isn't working anymore, so I have resorted back to the old fashion 35mm film camera until I can afford to get me a nice new digital camera. Stupid camera. It will only focus sometimes, so hopefully I can still get some pictures up. Anyways Kael is feeling so much better, and has taken on a new personality (Oscar the Grouch). He has been such a little turd the last week. I think he is going threw his first "guy PMS." One second he will be happy and content and the next he'll be pissed and screaming and throwing a fit. ????? He did laugh for the first time. Chase got him laughing pretty good, and we've gotten a few more the last couple of days. I could seriously be having the worst day and that smile and laugh just makes all the difference. Ever since Kael was born I have truly been happier. Not that I wasn't before, it's just hard to have a bad day when you have the cutest baby ever! LOL :) Even when he's being a pill. Anyways, we haven't been up to much. My sister came to visit for a week from Idaho!! I was so excited to see her!!!! It was nice having her home, but we are so proud of her. We went out to eat a bunch the whole week and gained like twenty pounds in the process. All for a good cause though. :) Our dad took us out for Valentine's on Friday so that we could beat the crowds. And then Valentine's Day we had three baptism's and a bridal shower. So Chase and I didn't really do anything too special for Valentine's this year. Chase wrote me a sweet note and played and sang me a song on the guitar. It was my favorite song that Adam Sandler sings in the movie Wedding Singer. The 'I wanna grow old with You' song that he sings on the plane and the end. We gave Kael a cute little outfit that says I love mommy and mommy loves me and he got goodies from all his grandmas and grandpas. Anywho, that's all that been going on with the Rogers' family. Tah Tah for now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Camping and Sick Boys

Chase and I LOVE to go camping. I have been dying to go but haven't because I was really worried about keeping Kael warm. Well this past weekend we took the plunge and went camping. We talked about it a couple weeks ago with Chase's parents. They wanted to go and so did we. So we set a date. Little did we know that the weekend we wanted to go was when the temp was going to drop and storms were gonna hit. Great! So I panic a little. We are a month away from the end of RSV season and Kael hasn't gotten sick once. Even when he got his shots they said he would probably get sick and run a fever. Well he didn't, he was just a little cranky cause the mean ol' nurse stabbed him four times. Chase had bought this AWESOME sleeping bag a while ago for his hunting trip. If you buy a right and a left you can zip them together without unfolding them and all the hassle, plus they are for -35 degree weather. Yup minus freakin' 35!! Like we would ever sleep outside when it's that cold. Anyways I told him to go get another one for this trip cause I didn't want Kael to freeze. So this kid has been a tank since before he was even born. He went thru a 24hr labor and it didn't even phase him. His heart rate never changed and normally babies are pooped after an ordeal like being born and he was wide awake and ready to take on the world. He has been around runny nosed kids(and parents of the runny nosed kids) and hasn't caught a thing. So I tell myself not to worry this kid is tough, he will be fine and "its only one night." Everything was good to go until Friday morning when we woke up to leave and Kael had a slight cough. I freak out and call the Dr. and he said no worries see how he does over the weekend and if he doesn't get better bring him in on Monday. So we head off, have an really great trip. It was just us and Chase's parents and so fun. Friday was beautiful just a little chilly, that night is got cold but we slept warm thanks to the awesome sleeping bags and Saturday was a little windy. But no rain, thank goodness. Kael did so good except the cold made his cold worse. Took him to the doc on Monday and he said that he has bronciallitis(sp?) No runny nose, No fever. Just a really yucky cough. He has to do breathing treatments for two weeks, and they did the test for RSV and we will find out in a couple days if he has that. Dr said doubt it cause no fever but we will see. Hopefully not though. Also Chase got sick too. Me a little bit but not as bad as Chase and Kael. My poor sicky boys. 
Just arrived and getting ready to be bundled
Chase and the marshmellow man

All toasty warm
he 'hates' his treatments, he'll be fine for a second but by the end of it he's screaming 
I love the look on his face, looks like he's saying "Dude! A little help here!"
Sick Chase
Sick Kael
Blanky and Binkie
Kael won't go to sleep unless he has a blanky to cuddle with and most of the time his binkie too. The combo is sweet bliss for this little guy.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Man boobs!!!

My baby has man boobs! Hehehe. I just love my little chubbas, he's so dang cute. Kael is getting so dang chunky. He only weighs in at just over ten pounds but he just looks so chunky. He has been in the 25th percentile since he was born with his weight and the 90th percentile with his height. So weird since his mom and dad are shorties. Hopefully he'll keep the height thing going and be like his Papa Dan. Anyways new milestone for him is that he rolled over for the first time on his own. He did it three times tonight, I was so excited. I put him on his tummy in his crib because he holds his head up way better cause he is trying to see his crib toy that has lights. Anyways he started to get tired and wabbled one way and rolled over. It kinda confused him for a sec. It was so funny. I put him back on his tummy and after a few minutes he did it again, twice. He is growing up so fast I can't believe it! Anyways that's all for now!