Sunday, March 06, 2011


These two kiddos take up all my time. Especially the little one. She is such a mama's girl. I love that she loves me so much but I hate that I can't get anything done when she's around. Kael is warming up to her a little more now that she is getting more aware. He will share his toys with her sometimes and tells her not to chew on them. ha ha. He is the best at making her giggle. She sure loves to watch him.

Kael being silly for Claire
Chase is growing a beard for Mountain Man this year. He hasn't shaved since Claire was born. Gross. But it will be over soon. Yay.

We decided on a whim to go to Chase's parents cabin and play in the snow. There wasn't a lot but there was just enough to have some fun and build a couple snowmen.

Claire is now Four Months old. I have been slacking on my picture taking mostly because she doesn't let me have a second to myself. Anyways the other day was such a nice day so we decided to spend some time in the back yard. Kael ran around and she was being so good laying on her blanket so I decided it was a good opportunity to snap her four month pics. She is such a pretty girl. Such a stinker but I love her just the same.
I love how chubby she is but she is still so little. She is in the 25-10% range. She has two nicknames. Claire Bear, cause she's fluffy like a teddy bear (carebear) and Pigeon, because when she talks she coos like a pigeon. ha ha.

Got to love the drool. This girl can drool like a champ. Her shirt is always soaked and she is always blowing spit bubbles.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes. She has surprised me and kept the blue eyes. She started out so dark but has lightened up quite a bit. She still has brown hair but its not as dark as it was. Her beautiful dark curly hair all fell out but it still seems to be growing in brown. We will see if it changes any.
Well she is now awake and screaming so that means my time is up.