Monday, March 29, 2010

No Play Like Snow Play

A while ago when the weather was still a little chilly Kael was dying to go outside. Surprise, surprise. So I covered him up and we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

For our 3rd Anniversary, Chase and I went to Disneyland. It was a last minute decision. We have been wanting to go but finding the time has been hard. So we convinced my sweet sister to watch Kael and we took off. We ended up meeting some of our good friends there, so that made it that much better. I know I put a lot of pictures of Kael on here but look what happens when we take pictures of ourselves. ha ha.

Kael is such a funny boy. He is always finding new ways to entertain himself and us. He loves to be laughed at. Like father like son.

My little sister got her mission call to the Ohio Cleveland Mission and she will also be serving in the Kirtland Visitor's Center! My Mom and I are in the process of setting up a blog for her to keep all you family updated on how she's doing. She is so excited and she reports on May 12th!!

We took Kael on his first snow trip. I didn't think he would really like it because it was cold, but he loved it. He ran around most of the time and we chased him. He fell a lot but loved the cold white stuff that squished under him.

Kael really liked sledding. The hills were perfect for him to enjoy a few rides by himself.

We built a sad little snowman. Kael helped a little but he was more interested in running around in the fun white stuff.
Oh Yeah!! We finally got a closing date for our house we've been waiting on. Things are still moving really slow and we'll be lucky if we make the closing date because of the banks. But good news, we are moving closer to our goal of moving in. It looks like we'll make the date in time for the tax credit too!! Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. :)