Monday, January 24, 2011

Over the Holidays

So I never updated what we did over the holidays. We decorated our tree. Last year Kael wasn't very interested in the tree but this year he couldn't get enough of it. He de-decorated and decorated multiple times this year. It drove me nuts to find ornaments all around the house. And when I packed up the Christmas stuff and I was still finding random ornaments it didn't help. He had fun and thats what was important to me. ha ha.

Claire was so good and just watched most of the time

Our tree topper didn't really fit this year so it was our sad droopy star. I was kinda a scrooge this year when it came to decorating. I'm still in a funk ever since Claire was born. Trying to stay on top of things has been hard with her around. ha ha.

Nana and her two favorite grandkiddos
We got our family pictures done and the ones they took of the kids were terrible. So that Sunday after church we were enjoying the lovely weather so I decided to snap a couple pictures of the kids together. I have a bunch of them separate but not many together.

Aw Claire.... She's my demanding baby. She has been quite different from Kael. She is way more high strung and such a drama queen. She has been a great sleeper since the day she was born. And she has been smiling since she was two weeks old. No joke. She would mostly smile while looking at nothing, but smiling no the less. She is so moody too. She is super happy one minute and the next she is screaming her head off, ticked off about something. She loves her mama big time and hates to be alone. She loves watching Kael too. She is so wiggley and strong. Getting her diaper changed and getting her dressed is always a wrestling match. Kael hasn't been too interested in her but now that she can hold toys he likes to give them to her and loves to feed her the bottle whenever she gets one.
Christmas eve we went to the temple lights

And then over to nan's house to open our christmas pj's

christmas morning was so fun! kael loved opening presents!

This year is the first year all the stockings were done. it was an epic event for me.

Kael loves to help us whenever we are doing something. He is mostly in the way but its so cute how much he likes to help. He helped unload groceries one night.

Claire started whining like always while we were unloading. i looked over and this is what i saw.
I'd be annoyed if i couldn't see either. ha ha