Sunday, November 08, 2009

Oh Dear...

Oh my sweet baby Kael... where have you gone? I have been stuck with this mean ol' stinker of a friend. He's such a lil' sass, he steals my food, ignores me when I say 'no', and yells at me if I get up to take away what I just said 'no' to. Oh please tell my sweet baby Kael to come back. I miss his kisses, and how he would share his snacks with me, and how he love to share his toys. I miss this sweet heart who has been replaced by this lil' sass of an attitude. :)

Kael has taken on this lil' stinker of a 'tude lately. He has been throwing fits when you say no, or take away something he can't have. And I mean fits! He cries like you just broke his arm or something. Big ol' tears come pouring down his cheeks and he arches his back and kicks his legs. I mean if he was standing up he would be stampin' his feet kind of thing. I can't help but laugh because as soon as what you just took away appears those mysterious tears and crying "poof" vanish. Lil' turd. I laugh but it makes me so mad too because it's just pathetic the way he's figured out how to work us over. Ha, ha. Man are we suckers. Most of the time we stick to our 'NO' but sometimes, like tonight, when we just don't understand the 'want' followed by 'the fit' we cave. I know, BAD. But you have to hear this story to understand the hilariousness of it. So when Kael was younger, like just learned to sit up kind of young, I would set him in the bathroom sink while I got ready. Well he would be good for a while, then would get bored and start his destruction. He would always go for the Q-tips and then eat them. So I quickly learned that if you don't want it in the mouth, put a binkie in it. He won't take out the binkie because it's just too precious to him. Ha, ha, sneaky I know. Anyways, he got older and is now too curious and too big to be sitting up there now so its been a while since he's gotten to play with the fun stuff on the counter. Well my mom was babysitting Kael the other night and he found a random Q-tip. He played with that stupid thing FOR-EV-ER. He would hold it in the air, rub it on his toes, switch it from hand to hand, play with the cotton on the ends. I mean this kid thought he had just discovered the coolest thing. Well I came to pick him up and my mom told me what he's been doing. I laugh and then think 'gross! it's probably been used!' so I casually take it away, so I don't make a scene. Ha, Kael cried like I just killed his best friend. We all kind of stared for a second in shock, then laughed. I gave it back and immediately he stopped crying and smiled at the stupid Q-tip. The Q-tip. So, the mean mom that I am, I did it again to see what he would do. Yup threw an even bigger fit. Kicking legs, big ol' tears, and...... he dropped the binkie out of his mouth!! If you know Kael, his binkie is his best friend, won't sleep with out it. And so I showed him the Q-tip, and..... tah dah... no more tears. I laughed. What else could I do? It was just the oddest thing. Well tonight, my sis went and got a clean one and he did the same thing again. He is such an odd little boy, but I sure love him.

Kael loves, loves to read books. This was a couple Sundays ago and Chase was reading his book and Kael wanted his dad. So Chase picked him up, set him on his lap and handed him a book. Kael leaned back, opened his book and started talking in his own little baby language. It was just the cutest thing. Luckily I had my camera close by so I snapped some quick pics. He actually surprisingly stayed there for a while just chillin'. I know, just too cute.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

This was Halloween Day. We were major slackers this year and didn't do our pumpkins until the day of and forgot to light them before we went trick-or-treating so we had to go back. So sad. Kael liked rolling his pumpkin around on the floor while we worked on ours. Chase did a monkey face, it looked really cool but some how I didn't get a picture of it. Then me and Kael did a skull and a spider on ours. (in other words, mommy did Kael's pumpkin)

His hair was crackin' us up. It was standing on end before he went to bed last night and it was even wilder when he woke up that morning. I just had to leave it for a lil bit.
We went trick-or-treating most of the night. We started with my family then walked over to his parents and walked with his family for a bit and then we hit a couple friends houses on our own. Kael crashed about half way. It's so funny he had a sucker and then crashed, I'm so glad sugar doesn't affect him much. But then again he doesn't really get it that much to really know.
Cowboys and Indians

This was the night of our Halloween Party!! It was so fun, I hope everyone had has much fun as we did. The food was so yummy too. Every body did such a good job. The costumes were seriously so awesome this year. We had cavemen, gangsters, a toothbrush and toothpaste, cowboys and indians, little green monster, Danny and Sandy from grease, white trash couple, killer bees, rockin', tutu wearin' clown, an angel, halloween regurgitated, pirate, Turk and JD from scrubs, Ghost Busters, Indians from India, and more. It was seriously so awesome. Thanks to everyone who came. It's always fun to celebrate with friends!
Kael was a major party animal, can you tell?

This was at Chase's parents house. They have a Halloween Dinner Party every year with the grandkids. This is probably my favorite family activity because this party was the first and only family activity that I went to when Chase and I were dating. The next family activity I went to with his family was the night we got engaged. I had the honor of meeting his ENTIRE extended family on his mom's side. Yup, all 24 Aunts and uncles and a whole bunch more of cousins!! Whoop, whoop! So needless to say I love Halloween because it was sort of the start of our eternal journey together in our families.
Poor Nans, Kael has been a real stinker to her the last little while. Look at that 'tude he's giving her.

This was Kael's very first Halloween!! Last year I was hugely pregnant with him. So it was so fun that he was a little older for his very first trick-or-treating experience and get to actually eat the candy we collected. Almost all of the candy he got, he can eat himself. Everything else, mommy ate, ha ha. Sorry sugar is my weakness. All in all, it was a really fun Halloween!!