Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

This was Halloween Day. We were major slackers this year and didn't do our pumpkins until the day of and forgot to light them before we went trick-or-treating so we had to go back. So sad. Kael liked rolling his pumpkin around on the floor while we worked on ours. Chase did a monkey face, it looked really cool but some how I didn't get a picture of it. Then me and Kael did a skull and a spider on ours. (in other words, mommy did Kael's pumpkin)

His hair was crackin' us up. It was standing on end before he went to bed last night and it was even wilder when he woke up that morning. I just had to leave it for a lil bit.
We went trick-or-treating most of the night. We started with my family then walked over to his parents and walked with his family for a bit and then we hit a couple friends houses on our own. Kael crashed about half way. It's so funny he had a sucker and then crashed, I'm so glad sugar doesn't affect him much. But then again he doesn't really get it that much to really know.
Cowboys and Indians

This was the night of our Halloween Party!! It was so fun, I hope everyone had has much fun as we did. The food was so yummy too. Every body did such a good job. The costumes were seriously so awesome this year. We had cavemen, gangsters, a toothbrush and toothpaste, cowboys and indians, little green monster, Danny and Sandy from grease, white trash couple, killer bees, rockin', tutu wearin' clown, an angel, halloween regurgitated, pirate, Turk and JD from scrubs, Ghost Busters, Indians from India, and more. It was seriously so awesome. Thanks to everyone who came. It's always fun to celebrate with friends!
Kael was a major party animal, can you tell?

This was at Chase's parents house. They have a Halloween Dinner Party every year with the grandkids. This is probably my favorite family activity because this party was the first and only family activity that I went to when Chase and I were dating. The next family activity I went to with his family was the night we got engaged. I had the honor of meeting his ENTIRE extended family on his mom's side. Yup, all 24 Aunts and uncles and a whole bunch more of cousins!! Whoop, whoop! So needless to say I love Halloween because it was sort of the start of our eternal journey together in our families.
Poor Nans, Kael has been a real stinker to her the last little while. Look at that 'tude he's giving her.

This was Kael's very first Halloween!! Last year I was hugely pregnant with him. So it was so fun that he was a little older for his very first trick-or-treating experience and get to actually eat the candy we collected. Almost all of the candy he got, he can eat himself. Everything else, mommy ate, ha ha. Sorry sugar is my weakness. All in all, it was a really fun Halloween!!

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Jarvis ♥ Family said...

Sounded like you guys had a lot of fun! Kael is so cute and getting so big! We miss you guys! Mom cried all day on halloween because she misses having our old traditions with everyone. So far she is dreading all the holidays because they will be lonely. Except for christmas for me josh and braiden anyway, we are coming to az and visiting for christmas. I might be coming on dec 11th for the jarvis gingerbread girls night. But i will stay until josh comes for christmas and i'll drive back with him maybe new years. So if it works out i will be here for Tori's birthday! Well Hope all is well! @ more weeks i find out what i'm having! So excited! Talk to you later!