Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I've been helping my Grandma Jeannie go thru her pictures and scanning them so that we have back ups. You so if there is a fire or water damage or if they get lost when she moves we have some copies. She is getting ready to move to Texas and has so much flippin stuff! So I'm going thru these pictures and laughing because it made me realize that I'm sealed to all these people. This is my eternal family. Generations, so many generations together forever. I also realized how much I look like my mom... and dad. And Kael is the spittin image of my mom. Put a dress on him, grow his hair out and ta dah. These were just a few of the many that we went thru but I just loved the pictures so I wanted to show you my generations.
My parents
Danette and Kevin
My grandma (Jeannie)
My Great Grandpa Crook.
I never got to meet him because he died very young. He is holding his daughter, my great aunt.
My Great Grandma Iva and My step-Grandpa Allen
He is the only GREAT Grandpa I got to know.
Ha ha. I love this one. It is my Great Grandpa Crook and his brother.
Check out that babe. This is my Grandma Jeannie on a post card because she was Miss Arizona in 1960. So crazy! She so beautiful!
My Grandma Jeannie and my Papa
Hey thats ME! And my cousins Jarid and Justin.
Aren't we just the cutest.
This is my mom and her sister.
See how much we look alike?
This is my mom and her brother.
Now this is Kael in a dress and with long her.
My Great Grandma Iva.
I'm not meaning to be mean but if she had wrinkles it would be what my great grandma looked like later. To me, her looks didn't change a whole lot. She was always so dang gorgeous!
Well I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my generations. It's just simply amazing.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Going out with a Bang!

Yay! My favorite and bestest sister had a birthday on the 17th of December! What better way to celebrate than at the cheesecake factory ending your meal with the best invention ever.... Red velvet cake layered with cheesecake!!!! yum!
Since we couldn't get a tree this year since we are basement dwellers for now. Here was our sad little replacement. At least it smelled like Christmas down here. :)
Christmas festivities!
Sunday Christmas we had a party with Chases family I neglected to take any pictures. I tend to do that when I'm too busy enjoying myself. Dan sang some great tunes to the grand kiddos. It was so fun. Kael just stared and had this funny look on his face. ha ha.
Christams eve we had a get together at my parents house. The Houston's from Houston were able to make it so it made Christmas so fun! We did our annual program and it was small but fun.

We had fun laughing at the old people who had to wear there glasses just to read their programs. ha ha.

Chase, Kael and I sang the Chipmunk Song as our part of the program. It was funny cause the Dog was freaking out at our funny voices. Guess he doesn't like chipmunks.

Chase has a tradition in his family were they get to open one gift before christmas morning and it was new pj's. We have adopted this tradition in our family so Kael actually got to open his all by himself this year and that was so fun to do.

He got batman pj's!
With a cape and everything! ha ha, so cute!
Christmas morning Chase set his alarm for 5:30am as always. I don't think he liked sleeping in 'til seven last year due to lack of sleep from one month old babe. So I was a little annoyed that on Christmas morning instead of just waking up and being excited I got to wake up to that obnoxious sound from his alarm. oh well, it was Christmas what can you do. Kael was a little confused at what was going on but soon was all happy to open more presents and play with his new toys. It was fun to have his parents there with us. Wish we could do that every year.
Chase got a crap load of hunting stuff (compliments of his wife and Cory McLaws) Cory helped me pick out a bunch of small stuff that he needed for hunting so Chase had a ton of stuff to open cause I wrapped every single thing individually. Ha, ha. My favorite though, was when he picked up in gun case thinking there was a gun in it and only found bullets and a broom stick. he he. I tricky! Then I pulled out the gun from under the couch. He was pretty surprised! I got a shopping spree for christmas and I couldn't more happy. I am in dire need of new clothes. Thanks babe.
And Kael had so much fun at Thanksgiving in that toy car that Nana got him one! He loves that thing. He plays with it all the time. So cute.

I had so much fun New year's eve that I forgot my camera. So this is what we did most of New Years Day because we had so much fun.
So we love the outdoors... and hiking.... but I don't love high places. Some friends invited us sto go hike Camelback Mountain with them. I was excited but worried cause I was so out of shape. Wow the whole way is uphill!!! and STEEP! there are some parts where they have cemented bars into the rock and you have to pull yourself up the mountain. My knees were shaking so bad. I was so freakin scared. I kept having flashes of me rolling down the mountain. So needless to say I only went up half way. Partly cause I was pooped from being out of shape, but mostly cause I'm just a big fat chicken. It started out great, just a few stairs and then a curvey dirt trail, then you hit the steep stuff. It was a lot of fun, and gave me a much needed work out. But I don't think I'll be going back to that mtn any time soon.

Check out that awesome smog. Gross!