Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I've been helping my Grandma Jeannie go thru her pictures and scanning them so that we have back ups. You so if there is a fire or water damage or if they get lost when she moves we have some copies. She is getting ready to move to Texas and has so much flippin stuff! So I'm going thru these pictures and laughing because it made me realize that I'm sealed to all these people. This is my eternal family. Generations, so many generations together forever. I also realized how much I look like my mom... and dad. And Kael is the spittin image of my mom. Put a dress on him, grow his hair out and ta dah. These were just a few of the many that we went thru but I just loved the pictures so I wanted to show you my generations.
My parents
Danette and Kevin
My grandma (Jeannie)
My Great Grandpa Crook.
I never got to meet him because he died very young. He is holding his daughter, my great aunt.
My Great Grandma Iva and My step-Grandpa Allen
He is the only GREAT Grandpa I got to know.
Ha ha. I love this one. It is my Great Grandpa Crook and his brother.
Check out that babe. This is my Grandma Jeannie on a post card because she was Miss Arizona in 1960. So crazy! She so beautiful!
My Grandma Jeannie and my Papa
Hey thats ME! And my cousins Jarid and Justin.
Aren't we just the cutest.
This is my mom and her sister.
See how much we look alike?
This is my mom and her brother.
Now this is Kael in a dress and with long her.
My Great Grandma Iva.
I'm not meaning to be mean but if she had wrinkles it would be what my great grandma looked like later. To me, her looks didn't change a whole lot. She was always so dang gorgeous!
Well I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my generations. It's just simply amazing.


Jarvis ♥ Family said...

Haha that was awesome! I am so glad you shared that! I love those pictures too! And kael really does look like your mom! How funny! It's amazing to me how many generations we are sealed too. I am kind of sad we aren't sealed to Grandpa Allen since he was the only Great Grandpa we knew, but it's ok, he will always be our great grandpa no matter what!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVED this! Thanks for all the pictures, it brought me to tears! I love being in such an awesome family with you. Go Crooks (and beyond)! :)