Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Butterfly Boy

So I've been really slacking on my mom duties the last week cause I been having health issues and feeling pretty crappy. When you feel like garbage the last thing you want to do is clean and cook. Anyways Kael found some scissors some how or maybe it was Claire cause she can find just about anything she shouldn't. Either way Kael ended up with the scissors and decided to cut some hair. His and Claire's!! It could've been so much worse but luckily it wasn't. He basically scalped the front of his head so we had to go to nana's to give him super duper short buzz. Claire on the other hand, we kept find long chucks of hair all over the place but couldn't find where it was cut. So I was thinking we were in the clear. Well at dinner time I was sitting next to her and she had a wild short chunk of hair sticking out. She had huge pieces of hair missing but we lucked out and it's covered by a top layer. Then while we were at nana's house getting Kael's hair fixed he was running around with the dog being his crazy, clutsy self and ran into the cabinets and his forehead collided with the counter. He split open his head pretty good. We butterflied him up and he's good as new. Crazy boy. Hopefully we don't have any more days like this for a while.

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