Monday, January 19, 2009

Lion's and Tigers and Bears... oh my!

Today I took Kael to the zoo for the first time. I know he is too young still to enjoy it and it was more fun for me, but I just loved being able to be a mom and take my kid to the zoo. We went all the way out to the Wildlife Zoo out by Goodyear and Litchfield with my mom, aunt, and my cousins who brought their kids. It was a long drive but it was so fun! This is Kael all bundled in the morning. It was a little chilly when we first got there and then it got really hot by lunchtime. 
The first thing we got to see was the really really big lion! Of course Kael was konked and not interested. :) But mom was having fun!
When we walked over to this turtle he just looked up at us the whole time we stood there. it was so funny cause he has food all over his mouth.
This thing was so cool! An albino alligator!!
This little dude was creepy. I took his picture and then he started moving toward us. 
Lunch time with some of the cousins and Kael is finally awake.
Kael chillin and looking at the animals. Of course he has no idea what he's looking at. LOL
Cute baby giraffes 
Papa giraffe
Ha, ha. It was so fun! I didn't take many pictures just cause it's boring looking at a bunch of animals in picture books and Kael of course was just chilled in his stroller the whole time. He's too little to be excited about the zoo. But I sure had fun, it's been forever since I've been to any zoo. My mom took some more pictures of everyone so once I get those I'll post those too. 
A great day and the zoo!!
The End

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