Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

Don't forget that our annual Halloween Bash is just around the corner. I hope you all have wicked, awesome costumes picked out!! Everyone is invited! So bring friends!

Friday, October 30th
6:30 p.m to WHENEVER
Come 'dressed' to show off your Halloween BEST! There will be a costume contest!
Prizes for the Scariest, Funniest, Sexiest, Over-all, and the Best Couple Costume!! Voting will take place around an hour or so after the start of the party so get there on time if you want to participate!

Pot Luck!!
Bring a tasty Halloween themed food to share.
(for example: pumpkin cookies, bone rice crispies, monkey 'brains' aka monkey bread, roasted pumpkin seeds, 'finger' sandwiches, bowl of bones aka buffalo wings)
You get the idea. It can be anything, just give it a 'halloween' name and whala!

Carved Pumpkin Contest!!
Bring your carved pumpkin and put it to the test. See everyone's creativity and vote on who's the best.

Crawl, Fly or Creep on over to our Haunted House at:
1459 E Glade Ave, Mesa

This is a party you definitely don't want to miss!!!

Leave a comment if yo have any questions.

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