Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alphabet Attic

So.... I know I post way too often but hey, I'm on the computer a lot so I always seem to find myself updating about our random life. Did you notice my NEW picture? So I'm first off going to say that this is not my idea, I got the idea from some lady I saw on the internet and I loved the pictures. So by no means am I taking credit for this remarkable idea. I did however take these pictures, among many others. I have had a few people tell me they wanted me to do one for them so I figured I would start to sell them. I can sell you the pictures or the whole thing all put together, whatever you would like. I'm not going to post ANY pictures on the internet, because I have worked really hard in accumulating the letters I have over the last three months. And I don't have all of them (pretty dang close though) so I'm still going to be working hard to find more. They have become really popular, I have been seeing these kinds of art sold in a bunch of stores, so I figured I would start letting people know I've been doing it. It started as just a gift to my mom, aunt and cousin for their birthdays and has turned into a bunch of people wanting their own. So if you are interested leave me a comment, send me an email (, or call or text me (4809939637).


Eric, Lexi and Reagan said...

Shalyse!! I've been wanting to do this for my family for Christmas and have been neglecting looking it up online. I totally want some. How much do you sell them for? Specifically I want one that spells HOLLINGSWORTH for my grandparents and one that spells SONNE for my dad. You can email me if you want with more details at Thanks!!

Amber+Josh+Braiden Jarvis said...

I would like some for christmas for in in-laws, but i think it will be way to much for me. I'd like one for myself too, but let me know how much your are charging for just the pictures or all together! Just email me or text me, you got them both! Thanks love ya!