Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Texas//Welcome Home Elder Houston

So we were blessed and were able to attend my cousin's homecoming. I wasn't too thrilled about going back to Texas in the summer again and the looooooooooooong drive but I'm so glad we were able to go. The kids had so much fun together. Seriously they were so 100% awesome. They played so well together. Kael and Braiden were best buds. And Houston and Claire were good buddies too. I was shocked because Claire is such a brat and Houston is such a Two year old. It was such a pleasant trip, I'm excited to go back..... when it's not freaking summer. haha. 

 We were able to go to the Gulf. I really wanted to go to the beach this summer. The kids had so much fun when we went in California. Let me tell you.... The Gulf is awesome!! Besides the ridiculous amounts of mosquitos we were fighting off, it was such a blast. I guess this time of year the seaweed washes up on the shore and starts to decompose. Well in California I just remember flies. Well Texas has mosquitos. A LOT of them. Swarms of them. Living in the seaweed. So it took us a while to find a spot that didn't have any. Which of course where there were tons of other people. But it wasn't too busy so it worked out. The WATER IS WARM in the gulf. I actually got in and swam. The only time I've swam in the ocean was in Hawaii where the water is warm too. The kids loved it too. They were hardly playing in the sand at all. It was too much fun in the water.
 They found cool shells

 And Kael boogie boarded

 Claire did have fun throwing muddy sand at daddy

 And by the end of the day we were all covered in sand!!

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