Tuesday, July 03, 2012


So in March it was our Anniversary and we went camping. It was quite an experience for us. My mom watched the kids for and we took off. Well we forgot our duffle bag with all our clothes. ;) So we spent the weekend naked...... Bahhaha. No we ended up driving into the town we were close to and buying some stuff. We brought the quad and went riding and froze our butt off the rest of the time. It was really cold and winding but we had fun.... No kids...... need I say more. 

Then my cousin blessed her darling little girl the weekend of my birthday. So my mom paid for my ticket so we could all go. I was able to take her pictures for her. She was such a tiny little thing. Now she's a big fat rolly polly and I love it!!! I love chubby babies. Seriously nothings cuter than chubby babies. 

Then later that month we decided it was time for a shed. I have been nagging telling Chase we needed some kind of shed. He said he wanted to build one, I said no just go buy one it's easier and faster. He said it's going to be the same price to just built one that's bigger. So I said fine if you can get it done soon then go for it. So he built a shed. The kids had soon much fun helping him. Chase showing Kael how to built stuff... most of the time.

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