Monday, July 09, 2012

Memorial Day Lake Trip

Each year my family tries to go to the lake on Memorial day. It's a bit busy but going to the lake is such a fun thing for us to do. The kids love riding in the boat. Memorial Day is usually the first trip of the summer that we do. Last year Claire was too little to do much. This year she boogie boarded and tubed. She wasn't too happy about it. Kael wasn't either. But I figured out why they weren't to fond of it. The water was cold and Claire hate cold water. Kael was scared because he didn't realize that is life vest is a floaty. So to prepare better for the next trip I took him in the pool with his life vest on. He was so excited when he realized he could float. So we are ready for the next trip. Claire on the other hand still hates the cold water. Big whimp. haha. She liked sitting on the back splashing though.

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