Thursday, March 12, 2009

I feel old...

yesterday was my birthday and i feel really old and boring. i did enjoy going to lunch with all the girlies it was really good and so nice to see everybody. And Chase invited some of our friends over to just chill last night. It was so awesome to be able to visit with everyone. We have been slackers and haven't seen much of our friends so that was a real treat for me. Thanks to all who came. 

Proof that Kael is a spaz just like his dad.

This is a new thing that he started doing when he takes a bath. It makes me laugh everytime. I've been trying to get Kael on somewhat of a schedule, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I would love to get his nap times an actual time so I can actually get things done. He has such a random sleeping schedule and I never know how long I have to do something, and then I end up stopping in the middle of it and have a bigger mess than what I started with. Any advice? 


Cyni and Steve said...

Hey my mother in law gave me a little bit of advice on how to get your baby's on a schedule. For example, say kael wakes up at 7:00am feed him let him play, and at 11:00am lay him down for a nap. Then he wakes up at 12:00pm, feed him, and let him play, lay him down again at 4:00pm feed him, let him play, feed him again when he's hungry give him a bath and put him to bed. It worked for Braiden for a little while and braiden was just a kid that didn't do schedules. Now that he is older he wakes up plays has one nap for an hour sometimes two hours and then plays eats until it's time for bed at 9:30pm-10pm depending on how hyper he is. That is the best advice i have to give.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Camden does the same thing in the bath! It cracks us up! Camden is on somewhat of a schedule but he's pretty inconsistent too, so I don't have any good advice for ya in that department. Is Kael sleeping through the night yet?