Saturday, March 28, 2009

Four Months!!

I can't believe my baby boy is four months already. He was four months last friday so I know it's a little late by hey life has been a little busy. We went to the Pediatrician on Monday and got his shots. He is such a tough little guy. He only cries for a second and then he's fine. He doesn't get sore or bruises, he doesn't even get a fever. He does get a little cranky but thats it. He is in the fifty percentile with everything now, 14 lbs 13oz and 25 inches long. I was really hoping he would take after his uncles and stay tall, oh well, maybe we he gets older. I was really excited that the Ped said he's real smart. I'm sure every doctor tells the moms this but it made me really happy because I always feel like I'm not doing a good job. I'm always worried he isn't getting the stimulation he needs to succeed and grow. Kael really his so alert, he has been since he was born. I love watching him look at everything and watching him learn. He has recently discovered that he can suck on his toes. He makes me laugh. As soon as he is laying down on his back, up come the feet and straight into his mouth. This would really gross me out if he was actually walking. :) 

He has also started cereal. He isn't quite sure about it yet. When I first put it in his mouth he got this grossed out look on his face like 'did I just throw up?' It's hilarious to watch him cause he seriously gets it everywhere, ears, nose, eyes, neck, legs, you name it and it has found it's way there. Ha Ha Ha, so fun. 
Kael is such a good baby. He does drive me up the wall sometimes but for the most part he is really good. He is almost sleeping thru the night all the time. He still has some nights where he wakes up a lot. But it is happening less and less, which I'm lovin. He loves to sit up so he can see what's going on and he loves, loves, loves to just watch everyone. He is so smiley and it is really easy to get him to laugh. He loves to cuddle which I just love and so does everyone else who holds him. :) Well thats the update for now, plenty more to come later. 


Katrina said...

I LOVE the picture of Kael on your header - what a little stud!

Eric, Lexi and Reagan said...

I love when they suck on their toes, its so funny how they will put ANYTHING in their mouth. It's fun to start rice cereal/oatmeal but just wait to what happens to his diapers when you start PEAS!!!