Sunday, April 05, 2009

Boys Gone Wild

So this is Kael EVERYTIME he eats cereal. It's seriously so gross. He gets it everywhere! I laugh everytime cause he some how gets it in his eyes, ears, nose and even on his back. He's a mini Houdini. :)

Chase is the teacher's leader in our ward and so he got to do Mountain Man this year. He grew out what he considers facial hair. Ha ha. Poor Chase has a patchy beard. Anyways it was pretty narly but I took before pictures on my 35 mm film camera instead of my digital so those will come later. these are after a haircut and just having fun. No worries. No more mountain man at our house anymore. yay! So thats us for now. No pictures of me until I lose weight. I hate diets, but I'll do just about anything to get rid of this baby blubber. Any advice would be awesome.

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Stephanie Evans said...

Love the cereal pics! I know what ya mean about diets- I hate them too. We bought an elliptical machine on Saturday so it's also time for me to lose the baby weight! I'm excited to exercise but I'm also trying to mentally prepare myself for the fact that it will probably be several months before I'm back to "pre pregnant" weight :( Good thing we love our kids so much or this might not seem worth it! :)