Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

So easter weekend was a busy one. We do easter lunch with the Rogers' family on Saturday. Then Sunday we have dinner at the Houston's. This was Kael's first easter and he loved watching all the kids run around trying to find the eggs. This year me and my sister had the assignment of making desserts for Sunday dinner, so she made her oh-so-freakin-to-die-for-good cheesecakes and I made strawberry and cream cupcakes. I got the recipe off of bettycrocker.com for those of you who would like it. Anyways so Saturday night we made the desserts and then colored eggs with Kael. He just tried to grab all the eggs and tried to chew on them. Easter morning was pretty sad. We woke up to go to 9am church with both our families and we ran out of time to do our easter baskets. :( Oh well Kael has no clue what's going on yet anyways.

Nans and Kael

Daddy and Kael with his easter basket

Watch out here comes Kael

Look at him go

Whew! Two whole eggs. :)

Yay for Kael!

Mm mm good

I like EGGS!

Daddy and Kael hanging out waiting to color eggs

Mommy and Kael licking some frosting

LOL check out that face. 

Coloring Eggs

Kael putting his mark on the egg

Chase made an egg that was suppose to look like Kael. Well they both have no hair and blue eyes. he he. 

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