Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love is all you need

Warning: Lots of pictures in this post!!

So yesterday we had TWO weddings to go to. Chase's cousin and my cousin. Both couples looked so dang cute!

Kyle and Sydney's family

Kyle and Sydney

Jarom and Jamie

Jarom and Jamie's family

Jarom and Jamie's reception

Best cousins, Best friends
aren't they all gorgeous!!!

Three generations

Jamie's cake

Jarom's family

Typical Braiden :)

My cousin wanted me to take a picture of him by the fish fountain

I didn't take any pictures at Kyle and Sydney's wedding because it was so dang crowded. They have sooooooo many people that love them. Both weddings were so gorgeous and the couples were even more cute! We are so proud of them and so happy for them and their now eternal life they have started together. 

PS I got a new camera!!! This is why there are sooooooo many pictures. I went a little crazy.... there are even more I didn't put on here. :)

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darbs said...

hey s :)

the lens i use the most often is a canon 50mm fixed lens. it's a nice compact simple little lens.

here' sthe link to it on bhphoto

they are saying it's backordered, but i'm sure it'll come in soon.

it's got a nice low fstop setting so you can shoot when it's a little darker in the house ect without needing to use your flash ect.

i use mine constantly and i've convinced three sisters, one brother and my dad to get it to and they all love it.

it's doesn't zoom, but for portraits and such the zoom lens option isn't that needed.

enjoy and kael was a cutie today!