Monday, July 06, 2009

Monkey Around

I have two monkey's that like to hang out in my living room and cause trouble.

Kael loves that stupid monkey. Mostly because it's really soft, and because he likes to chew on it's tail. He loves soft anything, blankets, toys, whatever. The easter bunny gave him that monkey in his easter basket because it was only a dollar. Who knew he would love it so much?

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Amber+Josh+Braiden Jarvis said...

It's the little cheap things that babies seem to love the most, Braiden was a lot like that and still kind of is. Well give kael kisses for me! I miss him so much! I miss you guys to but I heard you guys might be coming to visit and help my mom move up. That will be exciting! There is so much to do here, but you have to drive a ways everywehre we go, kind of annoying because of gas, but it's something to get used too. Well hope all is well with the family! Love you all!