Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surprise, surprise

So I was just telling a friend that Kael really hasn't been interested in crawling. Her little boy is two months younger than Kael and he is already starting to crawl. Kael can stand to be on the floor for about an hour a day total and then he wants to be held or entertained or both. So obviously the lack of floor time has been affecting him. So tonight when I came home Chase showed me this video. I was so excited!!! I know it's just the inch worm crawl but that's how it starts and then they learn the rest. Yay for Kael!!


darbs said...

ha ha that is awesome! he looks like he's in a war or something and has to army crawl back to the trenches. what a fun kid. i also love that he kept the binky in at all costs!

Katrina said...

I love the little army man crawl! Count your blessings that he isn't crawling yet. The sooner they crawl the sooner they walk & then pretty soon you're chasing them everywhere!!
He is such a cute little boy though - seriously could be a little baby model!

Robinson Family said...

Yay for Kael!!!

Mom said...

He did it.....and I love that he keeps his "binkie" in as he blanket??? Why is he so dang cute?