Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Happy Valentines Day!!
I have been a lame mom and haven't really been decorating or doing anything special for the holidays. Christmas we did but that it. I usually love to do something for each holiday. Enter pinterest. If you have not heard of pinterest, let me tell you, you have been missing out. Because of pinterest I have been cooking more, cleaning more, finding cheaper ways to decorate, doing more fun/learning activities with my kids, and just learning more myself in general. So my goal this year was to try and do more fun stuff for my kids and for Valentines day I made 'red velvet pancakes' with a recipe that I found online. I shaped them into hearts for the Love holiday and we had pink eggs and pink milk. It has been fun in the mornings because Chase's classes start a little later so he is home for breakfast. The food looks really gross in these pictures, (i didn't take the pics by the way) but they all tasted great. The pancakes were absolutely delicious. Definite do again.
Miss Piggy Claire
Half awake, not a morning person, Kael
I'm pretty proud of the shapes, I did it by hand. :)
Claire eats so much! I've decided that she eats a lot cause she is bigger than your normal 18 month old. She just had a doctor's check up and she is big for her age. At first I was like, no she isn't. She has been so tiny for her age since she was born. Total light weight. But when I took her into nursery on Sunday she towered over all the kids that were her age, she talked more, and just seemed old. Her hair adds to her age too. All the kids her age had wispy short hair or partly bald still. This girl has so much freaking hair! I love it!! I laughed and said, watch she will be the one who get's the Rogers' family height. Chase isn't tall but tall genes are in his family. Poor Kael I hope his sister doesn't pass him up too much. haha. We will see. I know that it's more common for girls to grow faster than boys. Claire Loves babies, shoes, and being bossy. She adores her brother. She follows him every where. Funny story. Kael has learned that he can pee outside and he thinks it's super cool. Chase was studying and I decided to have the kids help me wash the car so he could have some peace. Kael needed to pee. So I pointed over to the rock on the side of the house so he would be hidden. (and so no one would see me letting my kids be white trash) haha. Claire followed Kael over and watched him. Then she proceeded to try and pull here swim suit and bend over to go pee too. She didn't try to take her clothes off, just opened up the top of her swim suit to try and dump the "pee" out. I just lost it and started laughing. She is going to be so mad when she's a little older and figures out she would be able to go pee outside. She wants to do and be everything that Kael is.
oh, Kael Bug, he is getting so big. He is such a handsome little boy. He is such a tender hearted boy. He still loves his blankie so much and absolutely has to have it come bed time or nap time. yes my 3 1/2 year old still naps.... (sigh of relief) I've been blessed and have made him take naps. He only sleeps for an hour but it's an hour of peace and quiet that is much needed. My kids are so loud, and crazy and wild. Kael can scream louder and higher than any other little girl. He loves dinosaurs, cars, trucks, trains, super heros, anything little boy. He loves to play kitchen with Claire and make me food. He has such a big imagination. It has been hard trying to think of things to teach him. I'm not a good teacher and he loves to learn. He still loves to read books. He has such a good memory and usually remembers books after only one time of reading them. After he hears them from me, he tells me its his turn to read to me. He gets most of it right. Kael is a very good big brother, most of the time. He tolerates Claire so well. She is such a brat most of the time and he does pretty good. Some days all they do is fight cause he's had enough. But most of the time they play really well together because Kael tries to teach Claire how to do stuff.

I made Claire's dress and shoes and Kael's tie for Valentines Day! They wore them to church and looked so stinken cute!! My kids are so silly and I love them to pieces. They are wild and crazy but sweet and sensitive. Happy Valentines Day my sweet babies!!

ps. Me and Chase don't do anything special on Valentines because our anniversary is two weeks later. So to save money we celebrate our LOVE day on our anniversary. For our anniversary this year we went camping just the two of us. It was quite fun. We forgot the duffle bag with all our clothes in it. So we spent the weekend naked. haha. just kidding. Luckily we were close to a walmart and went and got some supplies. The weather was beautiful and it was such a nice quiet peaceful weekend. It was a much needed vacation. I didn't have my camera so no pictures, but let me tell you we smelled awesome when we got home. haha. Married for five years now!! Can't believe it!

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