Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Opening their Christmas Eve PJ's

This is probably one of my favorite Christmas' because both of the kids were old enough to be excited! Kael was old enough to understand Santa and Claire was old enough to be excited about the presents. I know that's not what christmas is about but it was still fun. Claire was very tolerant of Kael wanting to open all her presents. She just liked watching him do all the work and then giving her the cool toy. ha ha. Kael was just so stinken excited about opening presents. He didn't even care what it was, it was just the excitement of opening presents. So our Christmas Morning went like this. Chase set the alarm, (like he has every year since we've been married) for 5am. Then we woke up the kids. They were both a little out of it, as you can see in the first couple pics. Then they woke up a little as we all started to open presents. Presents were pretty basic this year. Mostly stuff they needed like shoes and clothes, then one or two toys. Claire got toy baby bottles and a baby stroller. Kael got trucks and cars. Chase and I had a small budget because santa brought us a new tv. I got slippers and a rocking chair!! And Chase got a bow(from the dollar store), gift card to sportsmans and 100 grand(chocolate)!! And we all got movies, courtesy of black friday deals at walmart.

Kids watching The Lion King, can you tell Kael is tired. haha
Christmas is one of my favorite holidays!!! It's not even about the presents. It's just the feeling of it. The delicious food and smells. I love the spirt you feel. It just seems to be everywhere and so strong. I love all the wonderful programs that just infect you with the Lord's love. I love Christmas!!!

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Brianne Houston said...

They are getting so big & grown up I can't believe it!! I think they are cuter every time I seem them! Christmas is so wonderful (: