Tuesday, February 28, 2012


New Year's Day weekend we had the opportunity to go up to Chase's parents cabin to go play in the snow. The kids had so much fun. They spent most of their time outside in the snow. I was surprised at how much they enjoyed it. I figured they would be too cold but they had so much fun. I love the snow and I'm so glad my kids enjoy it too.

Kael had a hard time taking turns, don't worry he got over it. (sort of)
Nobody liked the plastic sled so Claire (and eventually Kael) had fun all on their own.

Kael tossed snow at mom,
So mom tossed snow back, but it got into his jacket,
He didn't like that.
Claire did. haha.
I think the kids favorite thing about the snow was eating it. At one point Kael and Claire were laying on their tummies and licking the snow. haha.

Yes I look like a nerd but I was having fun being a nerd.
Kael loves to build snowmen when we play in the snow. These snowmen are about the size of my hand. I couldn't get the snow to stick very good so I did what I could. Kael did a great job of picking out the body parts. He's getting to be so big.

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Ashley said...

I love the snowmen hahah. That's awesome!