Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its time...

So I've made the desicion to make my family blog private. I know, lame right? Such a pain. Well the main reason I started this blog back in 2007 was so I could turn it into a book at the end of the year for my scrapbooks. I don't scrapbook. I wish I did, so I could give each of my kids their own book when they get married. My mother in-law finished Chase's the summer before we got married and my mom has most of mine done. And one of these days she will have the time to finish it, he he. But anywho, the important thing, to me anyways, is that it's there to be pasted on. My dad didn't get a book from his mom but he got a box full of all these cool things she saved, from pictures to tapes from his mission.My mom's mom I think has the same thing but hers is just a box of pictures. She gave all her kids special items a while ago. I think it's so important to pass things on to your kids that has their history. Family history is so much fun when their are stories and pictures to go along with the names. Anyways, MY was to make a scrapbook for the family and by pass the time consuming project of printing pictures, decorating pages, yadda yadda. Well then it occurred to me that who is to decide which child gets what book. So after festering over for literally three and a half years (since we had Kael) I have figured it out. I am going to make a family BlogScrapbook for each year and each kid will have a REAL scrapbook that hopefully I can finish before they get married. Quite a task!! Especially since I'm already almost four years behind. But I think it's important that each kid have his own, and it gives me an excuse to scrapbook. I really do like to do it but I don't wantit to be a HUGE project. My goal, is to get the last five years of our FAMILY blogbook done this year! I've just finished year one!! So the reason I'm going private? Since this is a PERSONAL blog it should be a little more private. Anywho, leave me comment with your email if you still want to follow our families happenings. I'm going to make the comments private so you don't have to worry about anybody getting you email. Anyone is invited to follow us. I'll wait for a little bit before I officially go private because I know not everyone looks at their blogs every day, or week for that matter.
Here's on old easter picture I found... Remember my bald, rolly poly little boy. This was Kael's first time coloring eggs. Don't I look awesome. bahahaha! I looked like I just rolled out of bed.
Happy Easters ya'll!!

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