Friday, June 05, 2009

what a Stud!!

Kael got his first hair cut last week. I know what your thinking..... What hair? He had some long stringy hairs that were really starting to drive me nuts. So.... I decided to get them cut. He was ok at first, then everytime the clippers touched him he would shiver. I was over pretty fast cause like I said not much to cut.

Gettin grumpy

Happy it's over.
Tiny lil hairs.

This is after a trip to the park. Poor lil white boy got so red and sweaty, so I gave him a cool wash cloth to play with.
always eating, eating, eating

I absolutely love this picture. He looks like such a big boy. 


Ali said...

okay can he get any cuter!!! I love the last pic too...He is getting too big..he needs to stop so I can see him little still...Love you guys!!

AMIT said...

Wow he looks really well and cute.

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