Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting so big!!!

So Kael turn seven months today!! On father's day how cool. We were hangin' out a couple days ago so I decided we should take his monthly pictures. I always take a bajillian of them so sorry for the picture over load. I just love taking pictures, I only wish I was better at it. Anyways, Kael has learned how to roll over both ways now. He rolls him self around to keep himself busy. This had made life so much easier for me. Well maybe not so much easier but happier. He can entertain himself for longer now that he can move around, so I can actually get some stuff done. I am in the process of baby proofing our house because I know sooner or later he is going to be crawling. Yikes! He can pull himself up to standing position but gets too excited and falls over. It's pretty funny to watch. His new thing this week has been making a smacking sound with his mouth. Well I guess his new fascination is his mouth really. He has figured out how to make silly noises, like smacking, razzing, and drooling excessively in the process. He still has 'no teeth!' Don't get me wrong I love, love, love his toothless smile. He just has had all the signs of teething for months and nothing has even popped out or anything. Eh, I'm not disappointed, just surprised. He L-O-V-E loves to eat, eat, eat. Oh my gosh if you eat something in front of him and don't share, Watch Out! He gets so mad. It's the funniest thing. I was eating ice cream the other night and he was kicking his legs and yelling at me cause I wasn't sharing. He was cracking me up. Of course I shared a lil' bit I couldn't resist. No worries I know what you are thinking, oh my gosh he's just a baby. I am one of those moms that think babies eating sugar is disgusting. I don't mind the occasional treat but babies that have soda in their bottle because they want it is just gross to me, or constantly eating crap food. Ew. It's no wonder most of the population in America is malnutrition and obese. Don't get me wrong I'm no healthy eater, I love the junk food, but I want to try my best at making sure my kids learn to eat right. My mom did a great job of giving us healthy meals and I know Chase's mom did too and she still does. Ha, Ha, do you think my diet has been getting to me? Well I've lost ten pounds and it's made me see a big difference. I Hate diets but I've been doing so good with this one and I only hope I can keep it up. Anyways, Kael continues to be such a good baby and I just love him to pieces. Sorry for the really long post.


Stephanie Evans said...

What a cutie! I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with taking pics of their kid! :)

Tyler and Andrea said...

What sweet pictures! I love the brick in the background.

He is a cutie!

your a good photographer!

AMIT said...

He is cutie.Looks lovely.

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