Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"Is that David Enchilada like for real life?!"

*** This post is going to be pretty long, sorry in advance ***
So a little history first.... My parents met this family when I was about 9 months old. My mom and Anna were both newly weds and had their first babies a couple months apart. They were in the same ward for a while until Anna and her family moved to Utah. We continued to keep in touch. We had a family reunion in Cedar City, UT every year so we would invite Anna and her family to meet us there since they were so close anyways. We did this every year until I was about fourteen. We also made trips to just go see them in between the reunions when we could. Both of our families began to grow. We have four kids and they have four kids. And all of us are less than a year apart. So thus they became "basically cousins." We would always say they were our 'cousins' because to us they basically were. We grew up together like family. My mom and Anna are the best of friends and have done a ton together like they were sisters. So we took a trip up to Utah this weekend because Anna's son is leaving on a mission. He is off to the West Indies on Wednesday. We wish him the best of luck and are so proud of him and the choices he has made. Love you "cousin".... :)

This is when we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It's just as good in Utah as it is in Arizona. yum yum.

Getting ready for church

Hanging out after church

Anna's family

Kael playing with grass

Hanging out with family and a few friends....

Did you notice.....
If you are an American Idol fan you might have.....

Yep, your eyes did not deceive you, that is David "Enchilada!"

So 'Why?' you might ask is David from American Idol with us? Well he is friends with the family. They grew up in the same stake together and went to school together. He literally lives right up the street from them. He sung at Tobin's farewell and let me tell you it was beautiful.

So why am I calling him, David 'enchilada'?
...Scroll down and I'll tell you...

Playing frisbee

The Green family

Ok, so the Green's kids really like David. And their youngest couldn't say his last name. So when David sang at church the youngest said to his mom, "is that David Enchilada like for real life?!" So that was the joke the whole time. Their kids were seriously so funny. It was so fun to just watch them. The day was full of picture taking. Anna had me take pictures of everyone that came to the lunch. And when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE. It was fun though, I got lots of practice. Total there was 150 pictures, so of course I only posted a few. :)

This is us at one of Tobin's favorite places to eat, Bonzi.
Our cook was hilarious!!

The trip was so fun and worth the really long twelve hour drive. Love you Tobin, good luck on your mission!!


Katrina said...

How fun!! I love David Archuleta!!! See you guys at the reunion!!

Stephanie Evans said...

AHHH! That's awesome! I'm obviously an AI addict. David is a cutie and I love his voice. Trav can't help but make fun of him though when he gets brought up in conversation.... "Golly gee guys, thanks..." you know he would act when the judges would compliment him. Anyway, looks like a fun trip!

The Smith Family said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Not this past Mother's Day, but the one before, Jake and I came in to church and sat down. No sooner I feel a tap on my shoulder and to my surprise Brooke White was sitting behind me and asked to hold Colby because she thought he was so cute. She was there visitng her parents for Mother's Day and they were in my ward. Her mom ended up being my visiting teacher until we moved. I love American Idol!

Cory and Kristyn McLaws said...

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Tyler and Andrea said...

WOW! What a fun trip. Well worth the 12 hour drive, I'd say.